Emily Heller Shares the Mystery of Tarot with Janeane Garofalo

This video from comedy psychic/shameless sandwich hawker Emily Heller, although peppered with wonderful jokes about how Janeane Garofalo is impervious to pregnancy scares, is essentially a four-minute set-up to a great punchline. But oh, what a hilarious punchline it is! If only all tarot card readings could end… »8/16/13 6:30pm8/16/13 6:30pm

Funny Lady Emily Heller Is a Psychic to the Stars in Hilarious New Webseries

At least, this is what I believe will be happening. I'm not totally sure, but if the first episode with the delightful and also extremely sexually attractive Reggie Watts is any indication, then I am correct, and also: ROWR. (You can't see me but I'm doing pelvic thrusts in your direction.) (You're welcome) (I'm… »3/19/13 9:30pm3/19/13 9:30pm