Is It IVF or Infertility Itself That's Causing Birth Defects?

Even when they end in the desired outcome of pregnancy, fertility treatments are complicated and carry certain risks. No, we're not talking about the risk of creating your own version of John & Kate Plus 8, though that is a possibility; we're talking about the fact that babies conceived using in vitro fertilization… »5/07/12 10:50am5/07/12 10:50am

Using More Than One Embryo For IVF May Be Unnecessary

We're used to hearing about female stars who have twins after undergoing IVF, but it seems that this phenomenon is destined to become something D-listers snark about on I Love The '10s. According to a new study, reproductive technology has improved to the point that transferring only one embryo during in vitro… »10/24/11 12:30pm10/24/11 12:30pm