Christina Hendricks and Elmo Explain Tech to Today's Embattled Youth

Man, Sesame Street was so much easier back in my day, when all you had to know was above/below and inside/outside and that the letter R was radical and that reading was an important skill. Now, kids have to learn about tablets and smartphones and the fact that Christina Hendricks calls her grandpa pop pop, and it’s… »5/19/15 6:45pm5/19/15 6:45pm


Anti-Semitic Elmo Tries to Extort $2 Million from the Girl Scouts

Elmo in the news a lot lately — some good, some fucking terrible — but nevertheless, the loving furrie cannot be avoided. This time, it's because some Elmo-costumed dude who enjoys harassing tourists with anti-Semitic outbursts was sentenced to a year in jail after admitting he tried to extort $2 million from his… »10/11/13 9:35am10/11/13 9:35am

Sesame Street Teaches Kids About Divorce For the First Time Ever

Back in the '90s, Sesame Street writers and producers decided it was time to tackle the D word: divorce. But according to Tumblr Storyboard in partnership with Time, when Sesame Street showed little kids the segment ahead of time, they freaked out: where would Snuffy (a.k.a. Mr. Snuffleupagus, the newfound victim of… »12/10/12 2:55pm12/10/12 2:55pm

Sex, Meth, and Elmo: Kevin Clash's Accusers Tell All

The three men who came forward in the past month alleging that former Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash had sex with them when they were minors have since been on the receiving end of a lot of negative attention. With lawsuits being filed and settlement money on the table, they've been called liars, gold-diggers, and much… »12/06/12 5:45pm12/06/12 5:45pm

Third Accuser Files Underage Sex Lawsuit Against Kevin Clash

Blorp. Another day, another allegation that adult man and Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash met a 16-year-old boy on a sexy chat line and underagedly sexed him up. I'm starting to feel like Kevin-Clash-underage-sex-allegations are going to become a monthly occurrence and I can begin charting my menses by them like the new… »11/27/12 8:20pm11/27/12 8:20pm

Elmo Puppeteer Kevin Clash Resigns from Sesame Street Following New Allegations

Well, turns out our collective sigh of relief was short-lived. Though puppeteer Kevin Clash's first accuser recanted his claims one week ago, Clash officially resigned from Sesame Street today. Though it's not mentioned in Clash's official resignation, his departure coincides with new allegations from a second… »11/20/12 12:00pm11/20/12 12:00pm

Accuser Recants His Allegations of Underage Affair with Elmo

WELL, OKEY DOKEY, THEN. I mean, who knows what's true in this whole shitty puppetfuck, and whether or not any of it was any of our business (if the retraction is legit, then it most definitely wasn't). But the official story, at this point, is that Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash's accuser (who originally claimed the two… »11/13/12 8:40pm11/13/12 8:40pm

Voice of Elmo Leaves Sesame Street Amid Allegations of Sex With Underage Boy

Kevin Clash, the puppeteer who's been voicing Sesame Street's immensely popular Elmo character for nearly 27 years, has taken a leave of absence from the Sesame Workshop after allegations surfaced that he had sex with a 16-year-old boy. While Clash admits that he did have a relationship with the accuser, he says, "It… »11/12/12 12:20pm11/12/12 12:20pm

Groundbreaking New Research Proves that Most Children Are in a Secret Elmo Cult

A new study cooked up by researchers from Cornell University has discovered that children can be induced to choose a healthy snack over an unhealthy snack if the healthy snack is endorsed by one of their icons, in this particular case, Elmo. The same marketing technique used to hawk incredibly unhealthy foods, i.e.… »8/23/12 9:30am8/23/12 9:30am

What Kind of Depraved Rapscallion Steals Money From the Muppets?

This episode of Everyone is Horrible is brought to you by the letters W, T, and F, and the number 20,000,000. The US government has withdrawn funding from a $20 million project designed to launch the Pakistani version of Sesame Street after it was revealed that the puppet theater that was supposed to be creating… »6/05/12 2:10pm6/05/12 2:10pm