Elliot Rodger Wannabe Arrested at University of Washington

There’s another disgruntled college male who fancies making women the target of his issues at Seattle’s University of Washington. Keshav Bhide, 23, was going to graduate this year before he took to YouTube and Google+ to praise UC Santa Barbara’s shooter Elliot Rodger — and now he’s behind bars. »6/17/14 12:50pm6/17/14 12:50pm

Elliot Rodger and Why Cops Didn't Take the Warning Signs Seriously

Internet sexpert Laci Green has a succinct and smart take on Elliot Rodger: Authorities dismissed any concerns aboutthe UCSB shooter because he was just an angry, sad dude — totally acceptable given that "we've normalized the idea of violent masculinity." In the face of rejection, he followed "the manual written for… »5/28/14 2:35pm5/28/14 2:35pm

Media Focuses Attention on Woman Who 'Snubbed' UCSB Shooter

The aftermath of a shooting rampage includes a lot of confusion — and people hustling to figure out why. But after the UCSB shooting this weekend, in which killer Elliot Rodger made it very clear he harbored misogynistic tendencies, the desire to help people understand has pushed some media institutions to "reveal"… »5/27/14 10:15am5/27/14 10:15am

#YesAllWomen Trend Is Uprooting Everyday Misogyny One Tweet at a Time

As we continue to process the events of last Friday, in which 22-year-old Elliot Rodgers went on an anti-woman shooting spree he deemed "the Day of Retribution" in order to punish those women who rebuffed him, one hashtag has been proliferating immensely on Twitter. With "#YesAllWomen," many Twitter have been sharing… »5/25/14 3:41pm5/25/14 3:41pm

Elliot Rodger's Final Videos, Misogynistic and Racist Postings Leaked

We've just received an email from a tipster alerting us to videos that alleged UCSB shooter Elliot Rodger may have allegedly posted on a forum called Wizardchan. Rodger may have been a member of the forum. The tipster stated that the Wizardchan is a community for male virgins, who refer to themselves as wizards and… »5/24/14 5:58pm5/24/14 5:58pm

Suspected UCSB Shooter Posted Disturbing Video Detailing His Plans

Last night a man killed at least six and injured seven others as he opened gunfire while he walked and drove through Isla Vista, a small community near Santa Barbara. He left behind nine crime scenes. While the suspect has not been officially named, police confirm that 22-year-old Elliot Rodger, who was found dead in… »5/24/14 12:00pm5/24/14 12:00pm