Ellen Page Confronts Ted Cruz Over 'Persecution of Gays' and 'LGTB Rights'

Yesterday, Ellen Page confronted Republican candidate Ted Cruz at the Iowa State Fair. Cruz was grilling pork chops like a real American when Page walked up and asked him, “What about the question about LGBT people being fired for being gay-trans?” ABC caught the exchange on camera.
» 8/22/15 10:25am 8/22/15 10:25am

Ellen Page, Connie Britton and More Sing in New Sleater-Kinney Video

In case you were wondering how the majorly increased visibility of Carrie Brownstein (Portlandia) would affect the reunion of Sleater-Kinney after nine years, here is your answer: they are famous and can now get people like Connie Britton, Ellen Page, Natasha Lyonne, Sarah Silverman, and Norman Reedus aka hellooooo… » 1/15/15 4:52pm 1/15/15 4:52pm

Did Ellen Page Come Out in This SNL Sketch From 2008?

Ellen Page, who came out as gay yesterday, has been a lightning rod of conversation on the internet since her annuncement. Many are supportive (you go, Jez commenters!), some took to Twitter to express their shock, dismay, and disgust (click link to tweets at your own risk!), and some asked the question "didn't Ellen… » 2/15/14 4:52pm 2/15/14 4:52pm

We Made Our Own Ad For Ellen Page's New Video Game

Sure, video games these days can simulate hyper-realistic alien murder, but what about the life of a young actress? Ellen Page Simulator 2014 hopes to do exactly that, letting you shape the Canadian starlet's personality, from what dolls she chooses to play with to working up the courage for her first kiss. » 10/09/13 9:30pm 10/09/13 9:30pm

Here's Drunk-Ass Justin Bieber Pissing in a Restaurant Mop Bucket

A little dingleberry hanging from the butt of humanity named Justin Bieber peed in a restaurant mop bucket in New York earlier this year because he is an ingrate, and there's a video. As previously evidenced by shenanigans at that Vegas indoor skydiving place, El Beebo and his posse continuously target the employees » 7/10/13 9:00am 7/10/13 9:00am

The New Ellen Page Indie Movie May Be the Indiest Movie Yet

Touchy Feely, which stars Don Draper proto-paramour Rosemarie DeWitt as a committment-phobic massage therapist who mysteriously quits her job when she one day looks too closely at some dude’s gross back skin, may be the indiest movie to have ever been made. For one thing, it stars Ellen Page as DeWitt’s… » 6/16/13 3:30pm 6/16/13 3:30pm

Are Ellen Page and Alexander Skarsgard Secretly Dating?

I don't usually bother going all kookooroo over celebrity couples because I don't know them, but OMG THIS ONE THOUGH. Sources are conflicted over whether or not wry and gorgeous mini-cupcake Ellen Page is actually snoogling with alarmingly hot Nordic adonis Alexander Skarsgard. But if, perhaps, they're on the fence… » 6/10/13 8:45pm 6/10/13 8:45pm