Parsing Future Pulitzer Prize Winner Not Your Mother's Rules

Some people get really eye-vessel-poppingly mad at The Rules (and its latest incarnation Not Your Mother's Rules) but that always seemed like a massive waste of energy to me. It's so dumb, how can you get mad? It's like that one aunt you have on Long Island who always gives you Lord & Taylor coupons so you can buy… »2/09/13 12:30pm2/09/13 12:30pm


The Author Of The Rules Tricks Another Dude Into Marrying Her

We know, we know: Ellen Fein, 50, she of nauseating self-help book The Rules »8/11/08 4:30pm8/11/08 4:30pm, . Again. There's a big story in Sunday's . This is the woman who wrote all about snagging a guy — "Trust in the natural order of things," her book advises. "Namely, that man pursues woman." — and then had her husband leave her after 16 years…