Fran Lebowitz Wants to Ban Yoga Pants On the Street, Fine Offenders

Author and style icon Fran Lebowitz spoke to Elle (in person, because she doesn't like to talk to people on cell phones and no one has a landline anymore) about her fashion sense, what annoys her (basically everything) and exactly how she'd describe Dolly Parton's style. If you didn't love her before, you won't be… » 3/25/15 3:00pm Wednesday 3:00pm

Shailene Woodley Is a Beautiful Street Urchin in Love on Her Elle Cover

Who knows if wood nymph Shailene Woodley has evolved from eating mud and sunning her vagina, but she's definitely still a nomad. Woodley is profiled in the April issue of Elle magazine, and her homeless status is right there on the cover: "Beauty! Brains! Talent! Shailene has it all. Except for a place to sleep… » 3/12/15 9:30am 3/12/15 9:30am

Ladies in Red, Print and Sheer Converge at Elle's Women in TV Event

Elle held its annual Women in Television event, a gala for gals, on Tuesday in West Hollywood, in honor of all the great women who make television a better, less dickish place. There were florals, there were cut-outs, and this is Lena Dunham wearing something Lena Dunham would wear. More women we love below. » 1/14/15 1:30pm 1/14/15 1:30pm

Nicole Kidman Married Keith Urban After One Month of Dating

Elle has begun releasing snippets of their upcoming cover story on Nicole Kidman and among the more interesting* tidbits are Kidman's reflections on marrying husband Keith Urban after only one month of dating. » 12/09/14 5:10pm 12/09/14 5:10pm

What the Actual Hell Is Up with Elle's New Coverline

Elle's first issue of the year 2015 came into our IRL inbox via Pony Express recently and there are some confusing things going on. Not Nicole Kidman, who is gorgeous if facially immutable, and a perfectly timed cover choice, as she is set to star in Jason Bateman's The Family Fang, as well as Paddington. » 12/05/14 6:45pm 12/05/14 6:45pm

​Women's Charity Looks into Sweatshop Allegations Over "Feminist" Shirts

The Fawcett Society, the women's rights charity responsible for those "This is what a feminist looks like" tees is currently investigating allegations that the shirts were actually made in sweatshop conditions on the island of Mauritius, where workers were paid 62p, about a dollar per hour to make the shirts. » 11/02/14 4:20pm 11/02/14 4:20pm

All Black, All White, All Night at Elle's Women in Hollywood Awards

It seems like almost every woman in Hollywood showed up to Elle's 21st Annual Women in Hollywood awards Monday night – and why the hell not! Women in Hollywood, hear yourselves roar. » 10/21/14 4:10pm 10/21/14 4:10pm

The Battle for September: Vogue Wins, Lucky Loses

The thickness of the September fashion magazines has been determined and while things are looking excellent for a number of publications (Elle, Vogue, Harper's Baazar, InStyle), they're looking bleak for a couple others (Lucky, Teen Vogue). » 7/25/14 5:00pm 7/25/14 5:00pm

A Few Things of Note About This Dior Dress We Keep Seeing

Women's Magazine FINALLY Tells Us How to Decode the Opposite Sex

This month, Elle, a lifestyle magazine for women (whá-myn), and Esquire, a lifestyle magazine for men (mēhn), are teaming up to offer readers an invaluable look into to the mind of the opposite sex. » 4/16/14 1:20pm 4/16/14 1:20pm

The Lindsay Lohan Trifecta: Dina, Denial and Some Coked-Up Russians

The penultimate episode of Lindsay featured all the classic elements of "the Lohan suite"—a little bit of Dina, some familial finger-pointing, 7 am coke jaw, pathological tardiness and lack of professional commitment. It was enough to push an Elle editor—who forgot she was still wearing her mic pack—over the edge. » 4/14/14 2:00pm 4/14/14 2:00pm

Elle and Seventeen Fought Over Miley Cyrus and Elle Won

In the publishing world, Miley Cyrus is a hot ticket, so much so that magazines are fighting over her. This month, Elle and Seventeen are both releasing Miley covers — though only one was given the two-bun consent. » 4/08/14 7:15pm 4/08/14 7:15pm

Adopting a Cat Is Chic Now So Please Ask Me About My Cat

Brush the cat hair off your most celebratory cardigan and slice yourself some night cheese, because being a cat lady is now très chic. Or at least it's a sign of independence and joie de vivre, rather than sad resignation to a life alone. Progress! » 3/31/14 12:50pm 3/31/14 12:50pm

Seventeen Magazine Now Selling Clothes for Teens

Soon you will be able to go to your nearest Sears and purchase clothes inspired by Seventeen magazine. Is it a women's magazine or is a clothing line? That's a stupid question; it's a brand. » 3/26/14 3:40pm 3/26/14 3:40pm

Who Supports and Funds Terry Richardson? GQ and Bazaar, for Starters

Since 2010, women have been accusing photographer Terry Richardson of inappropriate behavior on the set of photo shoots. But many publications have hired Richardson — repeatedly — since the allegations surfaced. » 3/14/14 11:00am 3/14/14 11:00am

Here's a Video of Olympian Gus Kenworthy With Even More Cute Puppies

The Sochi Olympics are over, but our love for baby-faced, puppy-rescuing skier Gus Kenworthy lives on. He recently stopped by Elle for an interview, but because he is the guy who took home the Sochi strays, he also did a video Q&A with several rambunctious (adoptable!) puppies at his feet. My favorite is the pit with… » 2/27/14 7:00pm 2/27/14 7:00pm

Elle Editor Explains Why Mindy Kaling's Cover Was Black and White

In her March 2014 editor's letter, Elle editor-inc-chief Roberta Myers explains just how that black and white cover featuring Mindy Kaling came to be. » 2/06/14 6:00pm 2/06/14 6:00pm

Mindy Kaling's Elle Cover Looks Different Than the Others

Four of television's brightest female stars — Mindy Kaling, Amy Poehler, Allison Williams and Zooey Deschanel — were chosen to individually cover Elle's February issue, but only one got the up-close, cropped treatment. Can you guess which one? » 1/06/14 8:30pm 1/06/14 8:30pm