Sen. Elizabeth Warren Echoes Black Lives Matter Ethos, Makes Us Wish She Was Running

On Sunday, Senator Elizabeth Warren delivered a speech extolling the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement like none of the actual presidential candidates have. Though she’s said she’s not running, deliveries like these are why some Warren supporters are still hopeful. »9/28/15 10:26am9/28/15 10:26am

Elizabeth Warren Tells Stephen Colbert She's 'Sure' She's Not Running for President 

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, one of the few people who might actually make a good president, is definitely not running for president, she told Stephen Colbert Wednesday night. Fighting income inequality and corporate control of America is a full-time job, she said, in so many words, and one she’s kind of… »9/24/15 9:22am9/24/15 9:22am

Elizabeth Warren Is Not Running for President, Says Elizabeth Warren

It's hard to read former FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair's highly engaging interview with Senator Elizabeth Warren about the United States' current (dire) financial situation and not wish for a Warren presidency. Unfortunately, later on in the very same interview, the senator dashes our hopes of that ever happening—at least… »1/13/15 4:30pm1/13/15 4:30pm

Bleeding Heart Dream Woman Elizabeth Warren Voted to Senate Leadership

Ever since she first rose to national prominence, all of my most tree huggingly liberal friends and family members have been positively giddy about the idea of a Democratic Party helmed by people who think and act like Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, a sharp and staunch advocate for the middle class. Well, as… »11/13/14 6:30pm11/13/14 6:30pm

Lesbians, Immigrants, and Harvard Professors: Get to Know Your Trailblazing Lady Senators

The 113th US Congress will have 20 women senators, the highest ever in the country's history. Put that in your binder and smoke it! (Or you could say all of their terms synced up, JUST LIKE PERIODS.) Here's a primer on who's new, who's sticking around, and who's making history. »11/07/12 5:00pm11/07/12 5:00pm

Elizabeth Warren Is Pulling Ahead of Scott Brown and Can Hardly Stop Herself from Gloating

At least according to this gif Elizabeth Warren seems positively wracked with glee that she may very soon get to do victory donuts in front of Scott Brown's house with her Harley (I don't know if Elizabeth Warren rides a Harley, but if she did I can't imagine how else she'd use it). According to the Western New… »11/04/12 3:30pm11/04/12 3:30pm

Elizabeth Warren Is Now Semi-Officially Winning the Massachusetts Senate Race

After a May poll had Scott Brown up two points over Elizabeth Warren in the Massachusetts Senate race, the latest exercise in guesstimation has Warren leading Brown 43 percent to 38 percent. Although the Boston Globe poll notes that about 18 percent of the electorate remains undecided (and so the race is still pretty… »9/30/12 5:45pm9/30/12 5:45pm

Want to Know What's in These Female Candidates' Bags? iPads, Meditation Beads, and a Gun

We women loooove getting a peek at what other women are carrying in their purses. I'm kidding around, because it's such a tried-and-true ladymag spread, but I'm also undeniably a sucker for a good "What's In Her Bag?" article, too. (I'm also still patiently waiting for the day when someone asks to photograph what's… »9/28/12 4:45pm9/28/12 4:45pm

Elizabeth Warren Opposes Sex Reassignment Surgery for Transgendered Inmate

Transgendered woman Michelle Kosilek, who was imprisoned for the murder of her wife as Robert Kosilek in 1990, was granted a sex-change operation by a US district court judge three days ago. In the 126-page ruling, Judge Mark Wolf "there is no less intrusive means to correct the prolonged violation of Kosilek's Eighth… »9/08/12 2:00pm9/08/12 2:00pm