Can We Talk About How Damn Good Top Of The Lake Is?

Jane Campion's tale of a pregnant 12-year-old gone missing in a town full of secrets provides a raw look at complicated and often frustrating sexism and gender dynamics, and the never-ending ramifications of unexamined sexual assault. It's riveting TV. Like, if you don't watch the whole 7-part miniseries in under two… » 8/05/13 10:30pm 8/05/13 10:30pm

Elisabeth Moss Would Like You to Stop Asking When Don and Peggy Will Finally Sleep Together

This past season of Mad Men saw its fair share of ups and downs between Don Draper and his protégée Peggy Olson, a relationship perhaps best encapsulated by the beautiful episode "The Suitcase," which starts with a work-related argument between the two and ends with a poor, beaten and grieving Don asleep in an equally… » 3/05/12 7:15pm 3/05/12 7:15pm