How to Shop for Clothing Ethically and Sustainably (Without Spending a Fortune)

Elizabeth Cline, the author of new book Overdressed, has some advice for people who want to clothe themselves for not too much money — without contributing to the waste and supporting the lax labor standards of the global apparel industry supply chain. You know how Michael Pollan advises people concerned about their… »7/09/12 3:30pm7/09/12 3:30pm


Will College Women In Wisconsin Make A Difference In Tonight's Primary?

Over on the New Republic's website, writer Elizabeth Cline argues that women in college are not voting for Hillary because college campuses are ivory towers where gender discrimination barely exists. Barack Obama leads by as much as 17% in polls among college Democrats, while his lead over Clinton among 18-24… »2/19/08 5:30pm2/19/08 5:30pm