Elizabeth Banks and Anna Kendrick Will Return for Pitch Perfect 3

Almost immediately after Pitch Perfect 2 hit theaters, Rebel Wilson told the Los Angeles Times that a Pitch Perfect 3 was in the works. That was in March and, at the time, only Wilson was confirmed for the film. Now The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Elizabeth Banks has signed on to direct the third installment of… »10/27/15 10:15pm10/27/15 10:15pm


Elizabeth Banks Gives Double Middle Finger at Berlin Film Festival

Hero Elizabeth Banks reacted to fans at the Berlin Film Festival by giving them the double finger. The Hollywood Reporter says the gesture was a response to "fans who booed her for rushing past them without signing enough autographs." Banks was at the festival promoting her new movie, Love and Mercy, a biopic about… »2/15/15 3:45pm2/15/15 3:45pm

The Truth Is Out: You Will Never Have a 'Celebrity Body'

The fitness and tabloid industries make tons and tons of dough off the idea that if you can just find the right combo of Soul Cycle and kale chips and chia seed pudding and intentional living, YOU TOO can have Jennifer Aniston's exact abs. The truth, of course, is that you probably can't. You can only have YOUR abs. … »8/07/14 4:20pm8/07/14 4:20pm

Here's Jennifer Lawrence in a Totally See-Through Dress 'Cause Why Not

Last night was the Los Angeles premiere of the Hunger Games. I know what you're thinking: "Why does this movie get so many goddamn premieres?" The answer is (probably) that there will be one premiere for every time I vomit from sadness during the course of the film. Anyway, the stars all looked extremely gorgeous… »11/19/13 3:00pm11/19/13 3:00pm

Jaden Smith, 15, Longs to Be Legally Freed From Coolest Parents Ever

Even when you have the most laissez-faire, No Curfew, "You're-Going-To-Drink-So-Drink-In-The-House-Here's-Some-Patron" liberal Hollywood parents ever, you still want to fly the parental coop. Case in point: For Jaden Smith's 15th birthday this July, he asked Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith if they'd sign the papers… »5/14/13 9:00am5/14/13 9:00am

Sunday Sign-Off: Blow Out The Candles, Elizabeth Banks

Today, Elizabeth Banks turns 39, and we temporarily forgive her for this terrible, reductive-sounding CBS pilot. Not just because of her birthday, but because she's going to be in Secretary director Steven Shainberg's next fetish/love flick The Big Shoe. And also because she's adorable singing with Reggie Watts, above. »2/10/13 6:30pm2/10/13 6:30pm