Designer Disney Princess Dresses are Now For Sale

Ok, everyone, time to start cheerfully consorting with woodland creatures in the hopes that a passing spirit will reward the pureness of your heart: Harrods and Disney will auction off ten Disney princess-inspired dresses designed by some of the world's most revered fashion houses, including Versace, Oscar de la… » 8/15/13 1:50pm 8/15/13 1:50pm

Elie Saab, for the No Nonsense Badass Bitch in You

If you want to channel Katherine Parker (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN) or Naomi Campbell, this is the collection for you. Elie Saab's Autumn/Winter 2013-14 is agressive, sexy, and shows the empowered side of femininity. Saab features impeccable tailoring, incredible lace work, and very slim silhouettes with natural waists… » 3/06/13 9:30pm 3/06/13 9:30pm

OMG: More Clothes Are Coming From Kate Moss!

  • Kate Moss's fifth collection for Topshop launches today. It's inspired by "travel." Oh, bite me. [Vogue UK]
  • Spanx bras — to flatten your back fat, of course — in stores now! [WWD, sub req'd]
  • You will be so proud of Eva Mendes! She overcame that whole nasty rehab debacle to be chosen as the face of Calvin Klein…
  • » 3/17/08 12:30pm 3/17/08 12:30pm