Singer Kelly Lee Owens' 'Uncertainty' Is the Chillest Friday Jam

Here’s a near-perfect jam for your Summer Fridays, a track that absorbs you in its effervescent chill: “Uncertainty,” by British singer producer Kelly Lee Owens, is anything but. It’s languid, for sure, but its string arrangements and pulsing synths oscillate about her lithe voice with precision, further vibed-up by… »6/14/15 12:45pm6/14/15 12:45pm


Holly Herndon Becomes First Woman on Mars in Her 'Morning Sun' Video

Holly Herndon is a super-talented feminist producer and composer whose flossy website bio also casually states, “as well as touring the world to perform and exhibit new work, I’m currently a candidate for doctoral study in Computer Music at Stanford University.” Get ‘em, mami. »6/03/15 9:45pm6/03/15 9:45pm

Get Haunted with a Lovely New Track From Electronic Producer James K

At what point is experimental electronic music just, like, folk songs? "Paranormal," the new song from New York producer/singer James K (aka Jamie Krasner), seems to me like an exploration of that question, by using synths that sound similar to musical saws and layering her voice to sensual perpendicular octaves. »3/04/15 12:50pm3/04/15 12:50pm