Rave New World: Six Futuristic Festival Looks That Need to Happen Now


We’ve registered our discontent with the racket that is “festival dressing” before, in part because of the narrow, close-minded, and often boring scope of what is considered “festival dressing.” One demographic that is deeply ignored in festival-outfit trend pieces is the modern corporate raver, whose aesthetic is as… »5/26/15 2:40pm5/26/15 2:40pm


The Strongest Looks We Saw at Electric Daisy Carnival NY


Though the dominant visual theme of this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival Parking Lot Paradise New Jersey was probably the visible ass cheek—so many thong bathing suits, so few non-asphalt places to park that bare butt!—your humble rave correspondents applauded the low-key universal bravado that marked everyone’s… »5/26/15 12:50pm5/26/15 12:50pm