Split SCOTUS Decision Means That a Trump Presidency Would Be a Nightmare for Immigrant Families 

The Supreme Court issued a split decision today on whether an immigration plan created by President Obama through an executive order was constitutional. In English: the Supreme Court deadlocked 4-4 and the plan, which would have prevented millions of people from facing deportation, has been blocked. That means next…


Trump Wants to Ban Immigration From Countries with 'a History of Terrorism,' Which Means All of Them

Donald Trump, a dangerous and stupid bigot who I do not have the heart to give a silly nickname to right now, renewed his call Monday to ban Muslims from immigrating to the United States. He also said as president he would ban immigration from countries with “a history of terrorism.” So, all of them. All the countries.

Donald Trump Congratulates Donald Trump For 'Breaking the Glass Ceiling' In Construction Industry

Sputum-filled Orange Julius Donald Trump appeared on Fox News Monday night, to carry out one of his blitzkrieg attacks on both American ideals and the English language. He also found time to mention that he, personally, is responsible for women’s success in the construction industry. Who else, right?

Trump Wants to Debate Sanders to Raise Millions For 'Maybe Women’s Health Issues or Something'

Donald Trump, a bewildered, golden-helmeted astronaut who’s just landed on this planet from a distant galaxy, wants to debate Bernie Sanders. He will only do so, however, in a giant arena and only if someone pledges millions of dollars to “women’s health issues or something.” Tragically, nobody asked him which ones.

No, That 'Man Enough For Hillary' Ad Featuring a Tattooed Beefcake Is Not Real

Today, an ad started widely circulating on Twitter, purportedly from the Clinton campaign, featuring a tatted up, gelled, almost harassingly bearded man. “I’m man enough to vote for a woman...” it reads. “Are you?” The Clinton campaign confirms to Jezebel that this is not a real ad. Come on, guys.

The Can You Not PAC Is Dedicated to Telling White Men They Really Don't Need to Run for Office 

At this point in the country’s history, we have enough of a few things: Kardashians, types of peanut butter, and straight, white men holding political office. We’re good! Thanks for your contribution, but we’re good. Now, a new political action committee is dedicated to spreading the gospel of having fewer white men…


Who Wins When Donald Trump and Lena Dunham Feud About the Election?

It was always destined to come to this: Lena Dunham, a vocal Hillary Clinton supporter, and Donald Trump, a Day-Glo roadside billboard about jock itch, have engaged each other in a public fight. Let’s carefully ease into this one together while clinging frantically to the side of the pool and wishing we were someplace…

Hillary Clinton's Campaign Chairman Is Obsessed With UFOs, Which Are Real 

Every American knows, in our heart of hearts, that aliens are real, UFOs are real, and the government is hiding a stack of skeletal little grey bodies from us in a deep-freeze in the Pentagon’s basement. Which is why it’s so cheering that Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager can’t stop talking about UFOs. I am serious…

Donald Trump Sure Loves This Terrifying, Dystopian Video About His Nightmare Candidacy

Someone made a horrifically disturbing and possibly parodic video about Donald Trump, one that very effectively paints him as the harbinger of our imminent plunge into a violent, authoritarian, dystopian future. So of course Donald Trump has enthusiastically retweeted it, because obviously the videomaker really gets…