The Country's Columnists Spill Inspiring Ink On Historic Victory

Many of us are so thrilled to the bone with the Obama win that it's difficult for us to verbalize our feelings in a way that adequately reflects our joy. Luckily, the op-ed columnists of our nation's biggest newspapers and magazines have done just that. From Newsweek's »11/05/08 10:30am11/05/08 10:30am Anna Quindlen to the Michael Eric Dyson to the …


Special Election Edition: It Was All Good At Chicago's Grant Park

Maybe there were a few premieres in Paris. Maybe there was some kind of fest involving Candace Bushnell in Australia. But I think you know, and I know, where last night's real action was. So let's go to Chicago's Grant Park and relive the joy, the tears, the triumph of November 4th, 2008 — after the jump!

The Good: »11/05/08 9:30am11/05/08 9:30am

Election Day Images: Yes We Can...Wait Happily In Line To Vote (Part 3)

Here's the last of the reader-submitted photos of the lines, small and large, that were outside of polling stations around the country today, November 4, 2008. From New Hampshire to California, citizens enthusiastically voted, even if it meant they had to stand in a long line. Congratulations! Now, if you'll excuse… »11/04/08 7:20pm11/04/08 7:20pm

Election Day Images: Yes We Can...Wait Happily In Line To Vote (Part 2)

Readers are continuing to send us their polling place photos and many of them are braving some pretty long lines (check out the one on the left!). Remember to snap a photo when you vote today and email it to us at »11/04/08 3:20pm11/04/08 3:20pm as we will continue our coverage of reader's polling places throughout the day. We won't…

Don't Underestimate Those Under-The-Radar Anti-Choice Advocates

Though Sarah Palin's anti-choice rhetoric became more aggressive »11/04/08 2:20pm11/04/08 2:20pm in the final weeks of the campaign, notices that choice was a largely in the Presidential election (on the ). Of course many people — Sarah Palin included — know that people don't want to hear about the sanctity of life when they're worried about the…

Electon Day Images: Yes We Can... Happily Wait In Line To Vote

Early rising Jezebels were poll-bound this morning, finding (mostly) long lines leading up to the voting booth, even in "solid blue" states like New York. After the jump, look at reader-submitted photos from various polling places across the country as well as some pics of early voting lines. Keep sending us pictures… »11/04/08 12:40pm11/04/08 12:40pm

This Week We Crashed At The Intersection Of Fashion And Politics

Are "Girls Saying Yes" To A Tasteless Political Message?

Some Brooklyn denizens have taken it upon themselves to recreate the iconic 1960s anti-war poster »10/23/08 3:20pm10/23/08 3:20pm featuring Joan Baez that said "Girls say yes to boys who say no." The new (pro-Obama) poster reads "Girls say yes to men who say Obama," and it's creating a wee tempest in the ladyblogosphere. The women of are , calling…

The Daily Show Kibbitzes With Jewish Grandmas In Florida

Happy New Year, fellow Heebs! Last night, Daily Show »9/30/08 11:00am9/30/08 11:00am correspondent Wyatt Cenak ran footage of his trip to Florida to watch last Friday's Presidential debate with a bunch of elderly Jews. It was awkwardly funny, especially when one dark haired lady who kept screeching, "I watch Fox News! It's fair and balanced!" got…

The Daily Show: McCain Hitches A Ride On The "Circle Talk Express"

A lot of people complain that all media outlets do is blather on about Palin's Tina Fey glasses and her dreamy first dude »9/17/08 11:00am9/17/08 11:00am instead of talking about . Well you know, it would be a lot easier for everyone to discuss the issues if the candidates did too! compiled McCain, Obama, Biden and Palin talking about our dire…

Michelle Obama At The DNC: An Opportunity To Define Barack, The Black Middle Class

Michelle Obama will be speaking at the Democratic National Convention tonight, and many believe that it is her first "big test" »8/25/08 2:20pm8/25/08 2:20pm at the forefront of the political and critical arena. Though first ladies, especially in the era of the pallid Laura Bush, may seem like an afterthought, their effect on voters In 2004,…

Formidable Females Weigh In On Hillary, Women In New Newsweek

Talk about "thirty ways of looking at Hillary": There is slew of female-penned articles in the new Newsweek about Hillary Clinton, gender, what the Democratic presidential candidate means to post-menopausal women, 20-somethings, "tae kwon do moms", pre-teen meth abusers... even that elusive centaur demographic.… »3/10/08 2:00pm3/10/08 2:00pm