This Infertility Treatment Sounds Like the Future. Or a Horror Movie

What if you were a woman who was having trouble getting pregnant and your doctor told you there was a way he could "freshen up" your eggs using mitochondria from some of your other eggs to "replace that lost energy"? Yes, this reality exists—in Canada. » 3/05/15 3:15pm 3/05/15 3:15pm

​Facebook and Apple Will Pay for Female Employees to Freeze Their Eggs

Facebook and Apple have taken a pretty big step in supporting their female employees and attracting more of them: both companies will be covering egg freezing for non-medical reasons. » 10/14/14 10:10am 10/14/14 10:10am

Bitches Be Ovulating

Today we have two new stories about your uterus: one that reveals that the sound of a ticking clock can actually speed up a woman's desire to have children, and another that reveals that young women who don't hear that clock in their heads (or who want to ignore it) are attending parties where they learn how to… » 8/14/14 8:15pm 8/14/14 8:15pm

Let Drew Barrymore Teach You How To Make a Classy Egg Sandwich

Fashion-y site Refinery29 has hired Drew Barrymore as a celebrity editor at large; she will write one (1) blog post a month. Her first post, up today, is about egg sandwiches. 1,000 words about eggs! » 1/09/14 7:10pm 1/09/14 7:10pm

Bacon Declares Feelings for Egg in Love Actually-Style Gif

It's official: Love Actually is everywhere. Even on the Denny's Tumblr. Yes, Denny's has a Tumblr. That's the provenance of this gif, in which a strip of bacon professes its love for an egg. » 12/23/13 4:50pm 12/23/13 4:50pm

No One Is Going To Help You Pay For Your Fancy Egg Freezing

Being a woman means that making permanent decisions about reproduction must occur within a time frame that, for many of us, predates a time frame when we can be trusted to responsibly select an appropriate paint color for the living room (not terra cotta. It makes being in the living room feel like slowly going… » 10/23/13 6:30pm 10/23/13 6:30pm

The Great American Menu: Foods Of The States, Ranked And Mapped

What are the United States' best regional foodstuffs? Its worst? These are the questions that bedevil the mind of man—but no longer! For here, we have ranked them. Rigorously scientific (not), ardently researched (nope), and scrupulously fair (not even a little bit): this is the Great American Menu! » 10/17/13 2:36pm 10/17/13 2:36pm

New 'Eggs for Boys' To Finally End Brunch-Based Sexual Confusion

Kids in Norway wouldn't know a good egg if it hit them right in the dumb high cheekboned Nordic faces. One company has offered a creative suggestion for dealing with Norway's pediatric ovo finickiness problem: eggs specifically marketed to boys and girls. » 9/11/13 2:55pm 9/11/13 2:55pm

Your Stupid Gut Wants to Kill Your Dumb Heart

Maybe you want to hold off on having that Burger King delivered to your home (it's a thing now, lord help us), because your gut's lust for garbage meats might be breaking your health nut heart. » 4/26/13 9:30am 4/26/13 9:30am

Dove Lays Eggs On Guy's Car, He's Totally Sweet About It

When a guy named Trevor Maltby left his car at the Cairns International Airport in Australia to go on a six-day business trip, he returned to find a small bird perched on top of a tiny nest on the windshield wiper blade of his Audi hatchback. This is one of the few occurrences in life that is both A) a really good… » 2/23/13 4:00pm 2/23/13 4:00pm

The French Only Use Underwear for Making Omelets, Duh

France is quite a place, isn't it? It's full of candelabras that all sound more or less like Jerry Orbach, crepes, and wormholes that deposit frustrated novelists back among the expatriate writers of 1920s Paris. If all of that weren't enough, France also boasts magic underwear that turns smashed-up eggs into… » 11/23/12 4:30pm 11/23/12 4:30pm

Scientists Make Mice Eggs Out of Stem Cells; Could Someday Make Babies…

Scientists in Japan have produced a litter of healthy baby mice from eggs created entirely in a laboratory. The same team reportedly fabricated mouse sperm a year ago, but they say that that was no big. It's the fragile, fickle lady eggs that are the real challenge. And now they've done it! From scratch! Woooooooo! » 10/05/12 4:45pm 10/05/12 4:45pm

About a Third of Egg Donation Websites Offer More Money to Women with …

A recent overview of websites aimed at recruiting women to donate their eggs to those with fertility problems has revealed that almost a third of such sites do not follow ethical guidelines, which include not offering potential donors higher sums of money for a Gattaca baby and informing donors about the potential… » 8/15/12 10:00am 8/15/12 10:00am

Congressman Thinks Birth Control Is Worse than Animal Cruelty

Iowa Republican Steve King currently fighting to oppose California's right to regulate eggs from out of state, but he argues against Affordable Care Act on the grounds that the government shouldn't have the right to tell states what to do. He's also against letting states outlaw fois gras, and in favor of letting… » 7/16/12 1:10pm 7/16/12 1:10pm

Are Your Eggs Dying? Yes, Yes They Are. Thank God for Eggsurance.

For years, we've been hearing from everyone about our rapidly dwindling fertility, about how we're waiting too long, how we're running out of options, and on and on. But there wasn't much talk about what we should do about it—other than panic, of course. Well, now suddenly egg freezing is all we've got on our… » 5/31/12 11:50am 5/31/12 11:50am

Wannabe Grandmas are Paying Big Bucks to Freeze Their Daughters' Eggs

We're living in the future, you guys: older women are freezing their 30-something daughters' eggs so that they can be grandchildren. » 5/14/12 3:20pm 5/14/12 3:20pm

Easter Eggs So Cool Even a Design Nerd Could Love Them

If you have an obsession with simple beauty of Pantone chips—which, why wouldn't you—then these are the Easter eggs for you. They were created by designer Jessica Jones of How About Orange, and they look so good that it almost seems a shame to crack ‘em open and eat them. True, they might be a little high-minded for… » 4/08/12 9:00pm 4/08/12 9:00pm

Easter Egg Hunt Cancelled Because Parents Can't Be Trusted to Act Like…

A popular Eastertide event in Colorado has been cancelled this year after the event's organizers say it's gotten dangerous for participants. The rough-and-tumble, no-holds-barred, collarbone-snapping competition was a neighborhood egg hunt, and the parties to blame for turning it from a sweet holiday tradition… » 3/26/12 3:30pm 3/26/12 3:30pm

How Many Breakfasts Can One Person Be Expected to Eat?

Remember back in the good old days when breakfast was a proper meal eaten around a kitchen table adorned with a pitcher brimming with OJ and a vase full of fresh flowers? Sausage links glistened under the rays of sunlight that streamed in, and butter was smeared all over pancakes without fear of clogging one's… » 2/29/12 11:00am 2/29/12 11:00am

Cookie Dough: The Newest Scary Food

Who among us has not turned to prepackaged cookie dough for comfort during some dark or cozy moment in our lives? It's so creamy and convenient and soothing to the soul. Sure, we know it isn't exactly good for us, but it's always seemed relatively harmless. Well, it turns out our old food friend can actually be a… » 12/11/11 2:05pm 12/11/11 2:05pm