Want to Sell Your Eggs to Pay for College? Be Asian.

Are you a pretty Asian girl who is good at math? Your eggs might be worth about a downpayment on a decent condo. Are you black, white, or Hispanic? Sorry, but the best egg donation centers can give you for your reproductive cells is enough to buy a sort of decent used compact car with about 75,000 miles on it. Also,… »5/04/12 2:40pm5/04/12 2:40pm

Do Women Really Become Surrogates For Purely Altruistic Reasons?

More and more women are selling their eggs and becoming surrogates because of the current economic clusterfuck, the Wall Street Journal reports. You can earn up to $50,000 by selling your eggs or renting your uterus. Besides the physical demands on egg donors (no drinking, no smoking, no sex) and the possible physical… »12/09/08 12:30pm12/09/08 12:30pm

More Women Are Selling Their Eggs To Make Ends Meet

This morning Good Morning America »10/27/08 1:00pm10/27/08 1:00pm reported that more women are selling their eggs due to the increasingly difficult economic climate. While egg donation ads used to be aimed at young women looking for extra money for college, fertility specialists say they are seeing a dramatic increase in repeat donors trying to make…

Economic Insecurity Makes Women Feel More Insecure

It's no great secret that our economy isn't doing as well as it used to — from rising gas prices to rising inflation and from foreclosures to bank takeovers, plenty of people are pretty concerned with the way the economy is heading. In a new poll »8/06/08 6:00pm8/06/08 6:00pm from the National Women's Law Center, almost 60 percent of women — but…