That Time Melissa Joan Hart Did Ecstasy and Visited the Playboy Mansion

Everybody remembers Melissa Joan Hart and her days as a teenage witch on television. BUT! Did you also know that Melissa Joan Hart used to be a young person who did things that young people with lots of cash-money like to do, namely, do drugs and attend a sweet house party? It's true! Melissa Joan Hart, like most… » 2/16/14 4:00pm 2/16/14 4:00pm

Ecstasy, the Marriage Counsellor of Tomorrow

The modern world is a treacherous place for romantical, tandem bicycle relationships, a place filled with cynicism, internet snark, and full-page newspaper ads encouraging married people to be total sleazeballs. People just aren't pair-bonding like they used to, and while some of us have accepted the fact that divorce… » 2/02/13 2:00pm 2/02/13 2:00pm

Ecstasy Could Help Survivors of Sexual Assault

The party drug MDMA, colloquially known as the party drug Ecstasy, can be used to cure patients of severe post-traumatic stress disorder, according to a study of experimental testing of combining the drug with psychotherapy. The research, however, was not conducted on war veterans, a group most often associated with… » 12/03/12 12:15pm 12/03/12 12:15pm

Ecstasy Won't Make You Stupid, So Long As It's Pure

Great news, if you like drugs: A new study says previous research that claimed ecstasy reduced mental ability was inaccurate. Older studies failed to take into account the plethora of ways ecstasy users were damaging their minds, such as using other drugs and habitually staying out all night at raves. » 2/15/11 10:50am 2/15/11 10:50am

"They Are Practically Saying President Bush Killed Nicole. Well, Walter…

Walt Smith was a geeky Mormon kid who enlisted in the Army Reserves right before 9/11 and was working at Wal-Mart when he was called for duty in January 2002. After a few months fighting the Republican Guard on a tour that included an early engagement during which he was shot at relentlessly for several hours, Walt… » 1/21/08 1:00pm 1/21/08 1:00pm