Black Women Are Driving the Rebirth of the Labor Movement 

While Labor Day is traditionally an excellent time to eat 15 hot dogs, try to swim in a lake, then cry because your cramps are too intense, it’s also a fine day to consider who’s revitalizing the American labor movement. Women, particularly black women, now make up the majority of newly organized workers and are… »9/07/15 2:30pm9/07/15 2:30pm

Women Filled ALL of the (Mostly Low-Wage) December Job Openings

Nobody wants to talk to the jobs report that was released yesterday, so it's going to spend the entire weekend sitting alone in the cafeteria, glancing around nervously at the small groups of popular economists whispering behind its back about how crappy it is. Poor jobs report! It's not like it contained news of… »1/11/14 12:00pm1/11/14 12:00pm

Fresno Is the Place to Be for the Young and Fabulous

When creating a list of cities in which you would someday like to live, Fresno, Calif. may not make your top ten; actually it may not even break your top 20. You may have never even heard of it. I've lived in California almost all of my life (shoutout to Moldova, though) and I didn't hear about Fresno until I was in… »1/04/14 3:07pm1/04/14 3:07pm

In the battle of the generations, other people have it bad too

I'll probably get eviscerated because I am not just promoting that Millennials have the hardest lives of anyone in America! (I even had someone tell me that Gen X caused the financial collapse and built the system that ruined America and I had a hearty laugh, because I wish. I wish we ever had that much influence).… »12/14/13 5:23pm12/14/13 5:23pm

What the Recession Has Wrought: A Tampon-Less Middle Class

The rapidly unravelling American middle class has been super hard on big corporations. Who is going to buy their middle-of-the-road household products now that Americans are either mega wealthy or living in penury [in a van] [down by the river]? Nobody, that’s who, which means that corporations need to come up with… »9/22/13 2:00pm9/22/13 2:00pm

Twenty-Something Dudes Have Won the Parent-Mooching Millennial Contest

Even though we’ve been hearing about the retirement fund-sapping tendencies of millennial twenty-somethings since the housing market bottomed out like a Camaro doing sixty over a school-zone speed bump, a recently-released study from the Pew Research Center suggests that, even in the post-recession zombie economy,… »8/04/13 4:30pm8/04/13 4:30pm

Sexist Dingbat Larry Summers Might Be the Next Federal Reserve Chair

Lawrence "Larry" Summers is the front-runner to succeed Ben Bernanke as chairman of the Federal Reserve when he steps down in January, even though Janet Yellen is more qualified — and doesn't think women are bad at math because they have puny ladybrains and selfishly choose to stay home and raise children. Why?… »7/24/13 5:30pm7/24/13 5:30pm

Saudi Prince: Women Should Drive Because of the Economy, Stupid

Women can drive. I mean, of course women can drive. Anyone with the required faculties can drive, and the only possible reason a government can have for divesting women of the basic human right Henry Ford gave people to own a Model T and idle away hours of their lives in rush hour traffic is to limit their means of… »4/16/13 9:30am4/16/13 9:30am

So Hipsters Aren't the Economic Boon Some Urbanists Thought They'd Be

Remember how the creative class of writers, artists, urban cheesemongers, professional tricyclists, novelty button manufacturers, food truckers, and artisan mustache-growers was supposed to supplant crumbling blue collar industries in economically stagnant cities? Remember? Well, according to Richard Florida, the… »3/20/13 6:25pm3/20/13 6:25pm

It's Time to Stop Pretending Abortion and Birth Control Aren't Economic Issues

Stop me if you've heard this one. The War on Women, as the GOP line goes, is a myth drummed by the liberal media to distract from important economic issues. Issues like jobs, the economy, and building a giant fucking oil pipe across the middle of the country. A real President would focus on things that matter to real »9/11/12 11:40am9/11/12 11:40am

More Cheery Millennial News: 18-29-Year-Olds Aren’t Even Close to Fledging

A casual perusal of our finest, financially destitute journalistic publications will most likely yield some pretty dismal information about the economy and how god-awful it is. The economy is so bad, we are told, that it is going out of its way to destroy an entire generation's hopes and dreams — millennials, as it… »7/29/12 9:30pm7/29/12 9:30pm