Razors, Insurance, Pillows: the Irritating 'Women's Tax' Still Exists

The pink handle on your razor is costing women extra. So is the hair on your head, your drugstore lotion, and the fact that you live longer, statistically, than the men around you. The “women’s tax” still exists and it’s still unbelievably irritating, gratingly unfair, and, in most places, perfectly legal. »4/08/15 3:00pm4/08/15 3:00pm

Men Killed Masculinity All by Their Big Strong Selves

Much to the chagrin of a certain old-timey subset, traditional American masculinity is on its way out. Gone are days of the breadwinning hard hat wearers earning enough to support a wife that stays at home with 2.5 children; in 2014, the Haves wear bowties with short sleeved button down shirts and post pictures of… »1/11/14 3:30pm1/11/14 3:30pm

Most of Those Allegedly Great New Jobs for Women Are In Waitressing

We're well into what feels like our 129384712th consecutive month of articles harping on the notion that men are being screwed by this man-cession because they can't seem to man-age to man-euver their way back into man-jobs while meanwhile women Take The Lead and Lean In and End Men. And if you just look at the… »9/19/13 12:20pm9/19/13 12:20pm

Unmarried Fathers Abandon Families to Spare Their Own Delicate Feelings

Tale as old as time: boy meets girl, girl likes boy, boy and girl fall in love (or like). And then some less-wedding toast worthy stuff happens — midnight sexting that possibly culminates in digital dick pics, some frottage, and sex having. For more highly educated, economically advantaged couples, this dick… »7/23/12 11:50am7/23/12 11:50am

Why Aren't We Talking More About Deadbeat Dads?

Apparently, it's awful to be a single mother in America. They're are more likely to have lower levels of education, lower income, and if they're uneducated they're much less likely to get married than their more educated counterparts, which shuts them out of the added income a husband can provide for a family. To make… »7/16/12 11:35am7/16/12 11:35am

Hedge Fund Ladies: You're Never the Right Age to Succeed

If you happen to be a lady and you happen to have aspirations are followed by at least seven zeroes and preceded by a dollar (or pound, or Euro) sign, it's time for some real talk: no matter how old you are, you're too something something to succeed at a hedge fund. Have you considered an alternate field? Perhaps… »6/27/12 7:10pm6/27/12 7:10pm

Economic Luminary Anna Schwartz Dies With a Lot of Pats on the Back But no Nobel Prize

Anna Schwartz, a research economist who worked with Nobel laureate Milton Friedman, died in her home Thursday at the age of 96. Despite a career crowned by the War and Peace of economic scholarship, the 900-page A Monetary History of the United States, 1867-1960, Schwartz was continually overshadowed by her… »6/22/12 9:30am6/22/12 9:30am

Here's Why The "Lipstick Index" Won't Die, No Matter How Many Times It's Debunked

A new study by researchers at Texas Christian University, the University of Minnesota, the University of Texas at San Antonio and Arizona State University has found that women buy more cosmetics and beauty products during economic recessions — and that they do it because they're trying to attract men with money. »6/21/12 5:40pm6/21/12 5:40pm

Men Probably Too Hormonal and Moody to be Trusted with Important Financial Decisions

News from the world of science with some pretty grim implications for the global economy as it currently exists: men — rational, level-headed, decisionmaking men — aren't actually very well equipped to handle important financial decisions at all; it's like they're getting the male equivalent of their periods, but all… »6/11/12 1:30pm6/11/12 1:30pm

Broke-Ass Millennials Are Spending More On Luxury Goods Than Ever Before

A new survey of credit-card spending indicates that members of the generation known as Millennials are increasing their spending on "luxury" items — designer clothing and accessories, tech gadgets, jewelry, etc — faster than any other age cohort. Their parents, the Baby Boomers, still spend far, far more on luxury… »5/18/12 10:20am5/18/12 10:20am

Twitstorm Erupts After CNN Pundit Says Ann Romney Has 'Never Worked a Day in Her Life'

Hilary Rosen, a frequent CNN talking head, went on Anderson Cooper 360 last night to talk about Mitt Romney's pathetic attempts to connect to women on economic matters—which, at the point, basically involves him invoking the name of his wife, Ann Romney, and repeating what she's told him that women care about. Rosen… »4/12/12 9:30am4/12/12 9:30am

Want to Really Screw the Economy? Limit Birth Control and Abortion.

A new wave of Republican lawmakers barged into office after the 2010 elections on promises of fiscal responsibility and a reigning in of government spending. Jobs. The economy. Econo-jobs. While everyone was Tea Partying their pants off and puking star spangled vomit into the potted plants, eager for the tax breaks… »4/05/12 12:10pm4/05/12 12:10pm

Wyoming Will Have the Last Laugh When Doomsday Comes and We're All Trying to Move There

With so many states rushing to pass terrifyingly backwards anti-woman legislation, it feels a little bit like the apocalypse is right around the corner. Oh, and then there's the whole Mayan calendar mess too. So perhaps it's not the worst idea to begin preparations for a worldwide meltdown. Luckily for residents of… »2/27/12 10:20am2/27/12 10:20am

The Hemline Index Is a Myth. So Why Won't It Go Away?

The Hemline Index — the notion that hemlines rise during economic upswings, and head towards the floor in downturns — is still kicking around. And for no good reason, frankly, because it's an unreliable indicator of anything beyond fickle fashion trends. And yet it persists, year after year, season after season. What… »2/23/12 1:20pm2/23/12 1:20pm

Everyone Waiting Until The Economy Isn't Crappy to Get Divorced and Have Babies

Over the last 4 years or so, a backlog of angry, resentful couples too poor to divorce has been building. Meanwhile, scores of fertile but financially hesitant women have been revving their ovaries, waiting until the economic picture rights itself before introducing an expensive baby into the family. As soon as this… »1/27/12 6:50pm1/27/12 6:50pm