Reformation's New 'Low Carb' Collection Is an Earth Day Miracle 

In honor of Earth Day, sustainable retailer Reformation has launched two very cool planet-friendly initiatives: a tool called Refscale that explains the environmental impact of each item sold on the website, and a “Low Carb Collection,” designed to require a minimal quantity of CO2 for production. » 4/22/15 4:10pm 4/22/15 4:10pm

Finding A "Green" Pad Is A Bloody Tough Job

Environmental news blog Grist has a review of eco-minded feminine products » 11/10/08 2:30pm 11/10/08 2:30pm. According to the story, the average woman will menstruate for about 40 years (ugh) and use about 16,800 sanitary pads or tampons, which is 250 to 300 pounds of waste. In the U.S., 12 billion pads and 7 billion tampons are disposed of annually.…

Nudie Text Censored At Texas High; Barbie Jumps On The Green Bandwagon

Officials at a Texas high school have their panties in a twist about nude pictures of women in the background of a German textbook. They will either ban the book or put a sticker over the naughty bits. • More banning! This time across the globe in India, some Hindu groups want to ban the Mike Meyers/ Jessica Alba film » 5/13/08 5:30pm 5/13/08 5:30pm