Meet the Knife-Throwing Boob Surgeon Who Set a World Record

Dr. Ted Eisenberg is the world's most prolific boob job surgeon. He is also a champion knife-thrower: "My work spills into my hobby, and my hobby spills into my work. I bring that work focus to my knife-throwing." This… [ Gawker » 3/14/11 6:25pm 3/14/11 6:25pm]

You Too Can Accessorize Like A Dipsomaniac Heiress!

It's like Vogue Italia mixed up Isabella Blow, Daphne Guinness, added a dash of Peggy Guggenheim, and popped on a Philip Treacy lobster hat. Oh, fashion! Always so whimsical. We've broken these looks down into easy at-home steps. » 11/22/10 3:58pm 11/22/10 3:58pm

Why The Crazy Cat Lady Is Good For The World

Martin Howard has written a paean to "eccentrics" — the lobster-walking, mole-eating, own-buttcheek-caressing weirdos who, he argues, make the world a better place. Which made us think of our favorite eccentrics — and what eccentricity is in the first place. » 4/01/10 4:40pm 4/01/10 4:40pm

R.I.P. Margaret Gelling

Margaret Gelling, an expert on the arcana of English place-names and who described herself as a "neat, keen, merry woman...sensibly shod and clad," has died at 84. [Economist] » 5/14/09 3:30pm 5/14/09 3:30pm

R.I.P. Joe Ades, The Peeler Man

A moment of silence, please, for a great urban character: Joe Ades, champagne-swilling, Park Avenue-dwelling, bespoke suit-sporting, British-accented, motor-mouthed vegetable- peeler-hawker extraordinaire and New York institution, has died at 75. [NYT, Vanity Fair] » 2/03/09 11:45am 2/03/09 11:45am

The Great Kate

"Shoot 'em. Shoot 'em. It's a better way to live!" Check out Katharine Hepburn in rare crank form in this 1979 60 Minutes interview, waxing on aging, humanity, movies, and bores. [Oh No They Didn't] » 1/23/09 5:40pm 1/23/09 5:40pm

Unusual Girl Crush: Lynn Yaeger

It was with horror and chagrin that we learned recently that the struggling Village Voice has ended the 30-year run of fashion writer Lynn Yaeger's "Frock Star" column(formerly "Elements of Style"), one of the most unique and awesome voices in mode journalism. For those of you unfamiliar with Yeager's idiosyncratic… » 1/02/09 4:40pm 1/02/09 4:40pm

I Was A Teenage Trend-Hater: Despising Twilight Is Big For Fall

A piece » 11/18/08 3:00pm 11/18/08 3:00pm in yesterday's described the frenzy surrounding the appearance Robert Pattison, the star of , at a mall in Pennsylvania last Thursday. Squealed one tearful girl, "He was this close...Close enough to bite my neck." I guess this was fresh on my mind the other day when I met up with a young teen whom I've known…

Little Edie Beale: The Ultimate Recessionista

You know, we've talked a lot about the difference between 'fashion' - that remote art form that most of us admire from afar - and style. What we wear. A couple of years ago, Little Edie Beale, the eccentric poor relation of Jackie Kennedy immortalized in Grey Gardens » 11/10/08 5:00pm 11/10/08 5:00pm, was discovered by Fashion. We all know the…

An Eccentric Life: Tasha Tudor 1915-2008

When I was nine, I wrote a fan letter to Tasha Tudor. For those of you unfamiliar with the children's illustrator who died yesterday at the age of 92, she was as known for her aggressively anachronistic 19th century lifestyle on a New England farm as she was for her delicate watercolors of children and animals. As a… » 6/20/08 4:40pm 6/20/08 4:40pm