How Fired is NBC's Dr. Nancy Synderman? UPDATE: Fully Fired

And so ends the televised saga of a brave woman who wasn't afraid to stand up and say to the world, Hey fuck this quarantine—mama's getting takeout. » 3/12/15 8:19pm 3/12/15 8:19pm

"Ebola Nurse" Nina Pham Will Sue Employer 

Texas-based nurse, Nina Pham, was the first known person to contract Ebola in America. Pham was diagnosed with the often-deadly disease after treating Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian man who later died of the disease. The nurse told the Dallas Morning News that she will sue Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas and… » 3/01/15 2:15pm 3/01/15 2:15pm

Wedding Gown Designer's Hottest Fashion Week Outfit Is an Ebola Suit 

There's a lot that wedding dresses and Ebola have in common: They're expensive, take a long time to put on and both feature a facial shield to protect one's physical and emotional integrity. That's why it should surprise no one that a wedding designer will be debuting an Ebola suit during New York Fashion Week. » 2/13/15 1:35pm 2/13/15 1:35pm

Ebola Is Temporarily Halting Female Genital Mutilation in Sierra Leone

The devastating Ebola outbreak in West Africa has one slim silver lining: it's temporarily putting a stop to the female genital mutilation in Sierra Leone, where the procedure is traditionally performed on most pre-pubescent girls. Bloomberg reports that many FGM practitioners are refusing to do the procedure, because… » 1/14/15 4:20pm 1/14/15 4:20pm

Bridal Shop Closing Due to Ebola Nurse's Visit May Be Saved After All

Yesterday, we reported that Akron Ohio's Coming Attractions bridal store — now known to many only as "the Ebola shop" — was closing due to the fact that no one wanted to buy dresses from a place where someone with Ebola (who has been cured) had been at one point in time. Now, the store might be saved! » 1/09/15 12:40pm 1/09/15 12:40pm

Bridal Shop Goes Out of Business After Visit From Nurse With Ebola

Hey, remember Ebola? American media panic magically disappeared as soon as the midterm elections were over, but the aftermath of Ebola: America! continues in the case of Amber Vinson, the Dallas nurse who contracted and survived the virus. » 1/08/15 9:00am 1/08/15 9:00am

The Cast of the Hunger Games Would Like to Remind You About Ebola

The cast of Mockingjay would like to take this slow news week to clear up some misconceptions about Ebola and remind everyone that the fight continues in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. » 12/30/14 2:30pm 12/30/14 2:30pm

Latest Ebola Outbreak Caused By Bat Play, Horrifying Rain of Bats

While ebola hasn't been in the news as much in present weeks—prompting some to speculate that it's a government-created conspiracy meant to distract us from the real issues such as chemtrails—scientists have been busy at work behind the scenes figuring out exactly what caused the outbreak. Spoiler: It's probably bats. » 12/30/14 10:50am 12/30/14 10:50am

Nurse Requests Refund From Bridal Shop She Visited While She Had Ebola

The wedding planning of Amber Vinson, the Dallas nurse who survived Ebola, continues to garner attention, none of it good and now, perhaps, she's looking even worse. » 11/25/14 11:15am 11/25/14 11:15am

Celebs Trot 'Do They Know It's Christmas' Back Out for Ebola Victims

Bono, One Direction, Bob Geldorf and other celebs have teamed up for a thirtieth anniversary remake of the Bandaid charity single, "Do They Know It's Christmas," on behalf of Ebola victims. Here is the video, which premiered last night on The X Factor. » 11/17/14 10:10am 11/17/14 10:10am

Great, Someone Made an Ebola Nurse Doll

Face it, you knew more weird and stupid Ebola-themed merchandise was coming our way. Because people just can't stop themselves from finding obscene ways to cash in on tragedy. » 11/16/14 9:30pm 11/16/14 9:30pm

Nurse Who Survived Ebola Has to Restart Her Wedding Plans from Scratch

Nurse Amber Vinson, one of the Americans unfortunate enough to contract Ebola, is finally out of danger and healing fast. But now she has to restart her wedding planning. What more will the fates demand from this poor woman??? » 11/07/14 7:10pm 11/07/14 7:10pm

​Kaci Hickox and Maine Reach a Settlement Over Quarantine Suit

Kaci Hickox, the moxie-laden nurse who took the state of Maine to court over her mandatory (though unnecessary) quarantine—and won—has reached a settlement with the state. And honestly, it sounds a lot like what she's suggested all along. » 11/03/14 4:30pm 11/03/14 4:30pm

A judge in Maine has ruled that Kaci Hickox — the nurse who was detained against her will and against logic upon her return from treating Ebola patients in West Africa — does not have to follow any stinkin' quarantine. Science - 1. Chris Christie- 0. » 10/31/14 5:10pm 10/31/14 5:10pm

Nurse Kaci Hickox Still Won't Take No Quarantine, Goes For a Bike Ride

Everyone loves nurses, right? WRONG. Everyone loves nurses until they're like, "Wait, actually, I think for no scientific reason that you definitely have Ebola, so please sit alone for like three weeks with only your probably-not-Ebola-infected pet, an endless supply of ChexMix and your dwindling Netflix queue for… » 10/30/14 12:30pm 10/30/14 12:30pm

Mama June's Dated Sex Offenders Before, Sugar Bear Doesn't Want Custody

With all the shocking news that's come out about Mama June lately, it's kind of hard to be surprised by the latest nugget of information that's found itself out of the bleak and awful mess that is Mama June getting back together with her daughter's molester, but here it is anyway: This isn't June's first time at the… » 10/29/14 8:30pm 10/29/14 8:30pm

​Kaci Hickox Is Definitely Not Going to Follow Those Quarantine Rules

Kaci Hickox, the nurse who was placed in quarantine for three days upon returning from treating Ebola in Sierra Leone despite testing negative for Ebola, has been placed under a more relaxed quarantine in her Maine home. Still smelling traces of bullshit and paranoia, Hickox will not be following the updated… » 10/29/14 12:10pm 10/29/14 12:10pm

Daily Show Goes to Austin, Where Ebola is Getting Hipper By the Second

The Daily Show heads to Austin this week, for a string of Texas-themed jokes (Guns! The death penalty! Hats! Everything is so big!) and, last night, a chat with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis. But first, they tackled how Texas dealt with its recent brush with Ebola. » 10/28/14 10:10am 10/28/14 10:10am