Britney Spears Grocery Shops Like a Teen Whose Parents Are Out of Town

For a time, it seemed the place the paparazzi caught Britney Spears most frequently was at the supermarket. Which makes sense, really—she’s a single mom with kids, you do what you gotta do! This week, some enterprising dumpster diver hawked what was alleged to be her grocery lists, and the result is a true-blue… »7/15/15 4:00pm7/15/15 4:00pm


Woman Who Claims to Own Sun Is Suing eBay for Denying Real Estate Sales

Since 2010, a woman from Galicia, Spain has claimed ownership of the sun. With some hot real estate on her hands—a circumference of 2,713,406 miles, all told—Maria Duran began selling parts of the fiery star on eBay at about $1 for 11 square feet a couple of years ago. Because eBay shut her operation down before she… »6/08/15 9:30am6/08/15 9:30am

The Clothes People Searched For This Year Sucked

Ebay has compiled a list of its most searched, most purchased fashion of 2014 and the top results do not bode well for the state of global ambition. You could almost predict it, but they were: overalls and yoga pants, reinforcing the notion that fashion went to complete shit this year and everyone gave the hell up. »12/31/14 2:10pm12/31/14 2:10pm

Woman Dumps Man Before Fancy Vacation, Man Seeks Replacement via eBay

It's the age-old plot of every rom com: Guy meets girl, guy loves girl, guy buys expensive vacation for himself and girl, girl realizes she isn't into guy and says goodbye (which is totally her right), guy can't cancel vacation, guy sells her space on eBay and asks for pics. This is it: The most romantic story of our… »10/20/14 5:30pm10/20/14 5:30pm

Vengeful Mom Sells 'Trollop' Daughter's One Direction Tickets on eBay

If your daughter and her "bitchy little friends" fib about having a sleepover so they can "hang like little trollops" at an older guy's house, you should probably sell their One Direction tickets on eBay so they'll remember that their parents — who know all about lying, because "tricks like this on OUR parents is how… »9/20/13 12:20pm9/20/13 12:20pm