Paula Deen's E! True Hollywood Story Was Revisionist Propaganda

If you've been hungry for a retelling of the racism controversy that chewed through Paula Deen's career this summer and rendered her a blubbering train wreck, check out the above clip from her E! True Hollywood Story, which aired last night. Though Deen did not sit down with E! for an exclusive interview, her sons… » 10/15/13 7:15pm 10/15/13 7:15pm

Kardashian & Jenner Step-Siblings Had Inappropriate Crushes On Each…

The E! True Hollywood Story about the Kardashians and Jenners aired last night, and it chronicled how this "modern day Brady Bunch" came to be. The short version is that Bruce Jenner is basically Johnny Appleseed, and Kris Kardashian was an airline stewardess who hit the jackpot when she hooked up with an older… » 4/07/08 11:00am 4/07/08 11:00am

Kathy Griffin Goes From D-List To E! True Hollywood Story

We imagine that Kathy Griffin must be completely stoked that she now has an E! True Hollywood Story. It's probably on par with a mega-fanboy geek getting plucked from the floor at ComicCon to star in some superhero flick or a story arc on Lost. Since there aren't really any sordid tales of drugs and booze in Kathy's… » 10/22/07 4:00pm 10/22/07 4:00pm