43 Chipotles Shut Down After E. Coli Outbreak, But I'm Still Willing to Risk It

Chipotle, my favorite restaurant, has voluntarily shuttered 43 of its locations in Washington and Oregon this week amidst news of an E. coli outbreak that’s made at least 22 of my spiritual brothers and sisters sick. The New York Times reports the “infection affected people who ate at [my favorite restaurant] between… »11/02/15 1:35pm11/02/15 1:35pm


We've Bred a Race of Super UTI Bacteria That Could Leave Us in a World of Hurt

Brace your bladders, ladies. It appears that the bacteria E. coli, which is so fond of invading our sensitive lady urethras on a regular basis and wreaking all kinds of painful havoc up in our tracts, is growing smarter and learning to overcome our best defenses. A new study of over 12 million bacteria found that E.… »5/01/12 9:30am5/01/12 9:30am