What Is the Germiest Part of Your Kitchen?

Refrigerator meat compartments, blender gaskets, can openers, and rubber spatulas are where the bulk of the germs live in your kitchen, according to a new study that suggests that we're all a bunch of filthy animals who essentially create petri dish-like environments out of our household items because we don't know how … » 3/29/13 12:20pm 3/29/13 12:20pm

We've Bred a Race of Super UTI Bacteria That Could Leave Us in a World…

Brace your bladders, ladies. It appears that the bacteria E. coli, which is so fond of invading our sensitive lady urethras on a regular basis and wreaking all kinds of painful havoc up in our tracts, is growing smarter and learning to overcome our best defenses. A new study of over 12 million bacteria found that E.… » 5/01/12 9:30am 5/01/12 9:30am

"My Roommate Is Bulimic. What Should I Do?"

In this very special 420 episode of Pot Psychology, Rich and I are joined by a magical guest: Jambi the genie! (A virtuoso portrayal by StreetCarnage.com's Gavin McInnes.) He gave us aid(s) in tackling life's everyday issues, including dildo chew toys for dogs, Mormon weddings and large black cocks. Got a burning… » 4/20/08 4:20pm 4/20/08 4:20pm

Dear Britney, We're Worried About Your Liver

  • Britney should be worried about her liver, and not just because of her coke snorting and purple drank-ing — because of her Taco Bell-laden diet. A recent study showed that mice on a high fat diet were much more susceptible to liver injury. [Science Daily]
  • The World Toilet Summit is currently getting "down to business" …
» 11/02/07 5:00pm 11/02/07 5:00pm