Fact: The Wacky Fashions of '80s Romance Novels Are the Greatest Thing

Kids today have access to Kindle and Wattpad and a million jillion pages of fanfic. But back when I was first venturing outside teacher-approved reading lists, you had to be sneakier, slipping battered paperbacks from your mother's stash, for instance. Which is how I developed a deep, abiding love for the… »4/15/15 4:00pm4/15/15 4:00pm


Kris Jenner Goes HAM On InTouch Over Transphobic Bruce Jenner Cover

Sound The Alarm: "Kris (Jenner) has cut off contact with In Touch, Life & Style and all Bauer publications" in light of the recent Bruce Jenner-reimagined-as-Stephanie-Beacham-from-Dynasty cover controversy, a source informed the New York Daily News. THIS IS WAR, Kris bellowed at an unnaturally high pitch for a woman… »1/16/15 11:15am1/16/15 11:15am