All Mia's Children: The Tangled Branches of the Farrow Family Tree

After more than 20 years of dormancy, the dirty laundry of the Allen-Farrow-Previn family has gained renewed interest, with accusations of molestation, abuse, and lying being volleyed among members of the clan. The only major change in the situation from when it first made headlines in 1992 is that Farrow's 14 kids… »2/10/14 2:10pm2/10/14 2:10pm


Woody Allen Responds to Dylan Farrow's Sex Abuse Allegations

Last Saturday, Dylan Farrow wrote an op-ed for the New York Times' blog detailing the (alleged) sexual abuse she experienced by Woody Allen. Farrow described what had happened to her in harrowing detail and also implored both those that worked with Allen as well as the general public not to ignore children whose lives… »2/08/14 11:30am2/08/14 11:30am

Stephen King Sorry for Comment on Dylan Farrow's Abuse 'Bitchery'

After this Saturday's New York Times published Dylan Farrow's truly disturbing account of sexual abuse she says she suffered at the hands of her adopted father Woody Allen, author Stephen King responded with Tweet about the allegations' "palpable bitchery." After people were, understandably, upset, King responded by… »2/06/14 11:20am2/06/14 11:20am

The Times Public Editor has announced that the newspaper may publish something written by Woody Alle

The Times Public Editor has announced that the newspaper may publish something written by Woody Allen himself, in response to his daughter Dylan Farrow's open letter alleging that the director molested her. The Times' Editorial Page editor, Andrew Rosenthal, says, "Normally, we don't publish a direct response. In this… »2/05/14 4:58pm2/05/14 4:58pm

Lena Dunham on Dylan Farrow: 'These Are Not Stories We Tell for Fun'

Lena Dunham defended Dylan Farrow on Twitter today, saying, "Most victims NEVER speak up. Most never feel they can. These are not stories we tell for fun, attention or revenge. If you think I wanna see a link to your shitty blog about how the American legal system fails sex offenders you are a dummy #blocked." SNAP. »2/04/14 8:00pm2/04/14 8:00pm

What We Should Talk About When We Talk About the Dylan Farrow Case

Unless you shut down your laptop or smartphone and smashed them under a rock, then you've probably seen all of the articles swirling around this weekend (or past week and month) concerning the 1992 child molestation investigation against Woody Allen. In reading these articles, or seeing them bandied about on Facebook… »2/03/14 4:30pm2/03/14 4:30pm

Beyoncé Has Already Upstaged the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Sensing, perhaps, that last year's Super Bowl halftime act would be hard to beat and that Bruno Mars already had enough pressure to perform well this evening, Beyoncé kept quietly to herself last night, thumbing through a dogeared copy of Anna Karenina as she contemplated the youthful short-sightedness of Vronksy.… »2/02/14 11:30am2/02/14 11:30am

Dylan Farrow Writes Heartbreaking Open Letter About Her Sexual Abuse

The New York Times has published an open letter from Dylan Farrow about the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of Woody Allen. Farrow's name has been invoked many times in the weeks following Allen being given the lifetime achievement award at The Golden Globes, and while she's been mostly silent until now, Farrow… »2/01/14 6:00pm2/01/14 6:00pm