Black Henna Dye Might Cause 'Oozing Lesions' on Some Gullible Tourists

What are some words you associate with the phrase "temporary tattoo?" Probably things like "boardwalk," "awesome," "vacation," "crooked," and "flaky." If you're talking about henna tattoos, however, your temporary tattoo word cloud might include things like: "hives," "boils," and "rash." That's because, according to a… »3/26/13 3:30pm3/26/13 3:30pm


Some Choice Excerpts from the WSJ's Inexplicable 1,500 Word Essay on Hair Dye

You guys! Did you know that some ladies are — gasp! — dyeing their hair at home these days?! Brave souls, right? The Wall Street Journal reports that more than half of U.S. women dye their own hair, yet still feels compelled to publish an oddly lengthy tome on the intricacies of the act. Here, without context, are… »5/17/12 6:15pm5/17/12 6:15pm

To Quicken the Demise of Humanity, Try Giving Your Dog a Temporary Tattoo.

People are pretty awful, but pets are so great, right? They have fur to keep them warm and make them extra cuddly. They have those sweet little faces and charming personalities to make us fall in love with them and keep feeding them. And they, for reasons which have never been less clear, love us unconditionally, no… »5/07/12 10:25am5/07/12 10:25am

Now You Can Get Your Starbucks Drinks Without All the Extra Insects

First Starbucks switched to cochineal extract, a food coloring made from ground up bugs, to satisfy the demands of people wanting more natural products used in their food. Then the vegans found out the company had opted for insects and freaked out. So now Starbucks has announced it has abandoned the bug juice and will… »4/19/12 9:15pm4/19/12 9:15pm

For those of you awfully concerned about the fate of Madonna's sheep, Sheep!

For those of you awfully concerned about the fate of Madonna's sheep, Sheep! magazine editor Nathan Griffith wants you to know: "Dyeing sheep is certainly no more harmful to the sheep than a person dyeing their hair. And the sheep's ability to process poison is uncanny - the only exception is copper, which affects… »11/28/07 4:50pm11/28/07 4:50pm