Anne Hathaway For Lancome; Jennifer Connelly For Balenciaga

  • Anne Hathaway: Possible next face of Lancome, a brand already endorsed by "such luminaries as" Kate Winslet and Clive Owen. Wait, Clive Owen? Why can't they splash him all over our perfume advertisements? [WWD, 1st item]
  • And in other face-of-campaign news, Jennifer Connelly will be fronting Balenciaga for spring and…
  • »10/17/07 10:30am10/17/07 10:30am

Who's That (Former Spice) Girl? A Vague Visit With Victoria Beckham And DVB

We wish the following statement weren't true: Some of us are fascinated by the fascination with Victoria Beckham. Don't get us wrong, she was always our favorite Spice Girl (she was the only one who seemed to get how funny it all was, she couldn't really sing, she wasn't even necessarily conventionally pretty, but she… »6/15/07 1:36pm6/15/07 1:36pm

The Celebrity Clothing Line: The Apple Eve Can't Stop Biting

  • Rapper Eve's clothing line Fetish is having a revival. After suffering bad break-ups with both the Innovo Group and Marc Ecko, it's now reborn under the Signature Group's tutelage. And, like, the quality's going to be really good and, like, Eve is totally involved on a day-by-day basis with the line this time and we…
  • »6/14/07 10:23am6/14/07 10:23am