Dutch Queen Beatrix Abdicates Throne, Is Going to Disney World

Well, we're not sure about the Disney World part, but she's probably got something super fun planned for her retirement, right? » 1/28/13 11:00pm 1/28/13 11:00pm

Holy Fuck: Watch These Guys Endure 2-1/2 Hours of Intense Simulated…

Have any of your male friends ever said they always wondered what it was like to experience the miracle of birth? No? Well, I live in Berkeley and I've known some hacky sack-playing motherfuckers who've said some shit like that. » 1/22/13 9:45am 1/22/13 9:45am

Glow in the Dark Freeways Bring the Rave to the Road

In the Netherlands, a Dutch design firm has been working with an infrastructure management group to design glow-in-the-dark roads that would make any party promoter proud. » 1/10/13 10:00am 1/10/13 10:00am

Netherlands to Ban Burqas, Face Coverings

The government of The Netherlands has announced plans to ban the wearing of veils that cover the face of the wearer that will take effect within the year, citing the need to see people's faces when greeting them on the streets. The French immediately scoffed at the announcement, as the law is just a French knock-off. » 1/30/12 2:40pm 1/30/12 2:40pm

Dutch Magazine Un-pologizes For Rihanna Slur

Eva Hoeke, editor of the Dutch magazine Jackie, issued an apology for calling Rihanna "the ultimate niggabitch" and then resigned her post. Now the magazine's publisher has issued another statement, claiming the magazine has nothing to apologize for. » 12/22/11 5:15pm 12/22/11 5:15pm

Incredibly Stupid Magazine Says Rihanna Is 'Ultimate Niggabitch' With…

A Dutch magazine has drawn fire for calling Rihanna "the ultimate niggabitch." And yes, it's just as offensive in context. » 12/19/11 3:50pm 12/19/11 3:50pm

In Netherlands, Part-Time Work Isn't Just For Ladies Anymore

Dutch women have long been known for their part-time work schedules — but now men are jumping on the bandwagon too. Could the Netherlands provide a template for killing the 9-to-5? » 12/30/10 4:30pm 12/30/10 4:30pm

"Take Your Workaholism and Shove It," Say Dutch Women—Can We Do This,…

Fewer than 10% of Dutch women work full-time, and face one of the highest wage gaps in Europe—"and they like it this way," says Slate writer Jessica Olien. American women, put down those Blackberries and take note. » 11/15/10 6:30pm 11/15/10 6:30pm

"Where Are We Supposed to Hang Out? It's A Free Country Isn't It?"

Rotterdam's use of a device called a "mosquito" — which emits an annoying sound only heard by people under age 25 (to discourage groups of kids from loitering) — has supporters and opponents. [Spiegel] » 4/27/09 10:20am 4/27/09 10:20am

Word Of The Day

A Dutch dictionary company has declared "swaffelen" word of the year. The word — a "slang verb meaning to swing one's exposed penis" — has been linked "to Dutch translations of swing, sway and sweep plus German words for tail and penis." [UPI] » 12/17/08 5:15pm 12/17/08 5:15pm

Cheap Rubbers

The Safe4Now Foundation in the Netherlands has begun a new campaign » 11/04/08 7:30pm 11/04/08 7:30pm to distribute cheap condoms to sex industry workers. According to a recent study, 7% of prostitutes in large cities in the Netherlands are infected with HIV and only 82% of all Dutch prostitutes use condoms on a regular basis. Although condoms are…
In an effort to shut down the red light district in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, the city is offering prostitutes "credits" for good behavior that can be used to buy designer clothes or furniture. The vouchers, which the Dutch media has mockingly dubbed "whore miles," will be awarded for every step sex workers take to… » 10/06/08 2:40pm 10/06/08 2:40pm

The newly crowned Miss Belgium, Alizee Poulicek, is facing a shitstorm of controversy because she cannot speak Dutch. This might just be a minor blip on Belgium's radar were it not for governmental infighting between French-speaking and Dutch-speaking factions. As a result, Belgium has been without a government for… » 12/18/07 12:45pm 12/18/07 12:45pm