Durex Wants the Public to Rise Up and Demand a Condom Emoji for Safer Sexting

World Aids Day is less than two weeks away. If that information is a surprise to you, Durex knows you’re not alone. That’s why the condom manufacturer is requesting its sext-loving users to petition the world for a condom emoji, making even the dirtiest sexts (pineapple+skull face+the woman in red… »11/19/15 6:00pm11/19/15 6:00pm


New Condom Ad Warns Would-Be Dads About Nut-Punching Toddlers

Adweek has (rightly) praised this spec ad written for Durex, a cautionary, slow-mo montage of fathers having their testicles smashed by careless toddlers set to the Moonlight Sonata. All of this nut violence could have been avoided if these dudes just practiced safe sex and avoided procreation. Humanity has had a… »8/04/13 12:00pm8/04/13 12:00pm

Durex Will Deploy Condom Secret Agents to Make Sure Bros Everywhere Have Safe Sex

A discreet condom delivery service, eh? How novel! The new SOS Condoms iOS app (available only in Dubai with complimentary irony) claims that it can deliver condoms to all those forgetful bros who don't have any condoms, but would also like to have safe sex. All the distressed, condom-less bro has to do is locate… »2/02/13 3:30pm2/02/13 3:30pm

Olympic Organizers Very Serious About Eliminating 'Rogue Condoms' From Olympic Village

It's not secret that the Bacchanalian fuckfest that is the Olympic Village operates under a loose moral code. But that freedom to screw whomever is matched by very, very tight branding restrictions imposed by the IOC. How strict? This week, Olympic "brand police" launched exhaustive hunt for "rogue condoms" after one… »8/08/12 6:15pm8/08/12 6:15pm