US Not Ready For a Woman President, Says Woman Who Ran For President

Minnesota Congressman Michele Bachmann has issued her edict on the chances Hillary Clinton's theoretical campaign would have during a theoretical 2016 election: not good. Mostly because America simply isn't ready for a female President. I bet the schmucks who donated to Bachmann's 2012 Presidential campaign feel… »2/20/14 1:30pm2/20/14 1:30pm

Idiot's Facebook Conversation About the Word 'Suffrage' Is Delightful

Straight off the bat, I cannot confirm if the following Facebook exchange is real. It was sent to me by a friend (what up, io9's Meredith Woerner) and neither of us could find a site to source it back to. That said, if it is real, this conversation on the flexibility of the word "suffrage" — particularly in relation… »2/12/14 5:30pm2/12/14 5:30pm

Vice Co-Founder Throws Epic Tantrum About Women Defying Gender Roles

It's well past nap time for Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes — or at least that's what his recent participation in a HuffPo Live chat on the changing definition of masculinity would suggest. McInnes, who left Vice in 2008 and went on to launch the website Street Carnage, is none-too-pleased with evolving gender norms… »10/22/13 5:00pm10/22/13 5:00pm

The Idiotic New Sting Operation Against Planned Parenthood

Over the last few weeks, Planned Parenthood locations across the country have been visited by becostumed actors pretending to be women desperate to know whether or not their baby is a girl so that they can abort it. The similarity of the incidents combined with the strange series of questions asked by the visitors… »4/23/12 4:40pm4/23/12 4:40pm