Kim Kardashian: Hollywood's Dubai Is Different Than the Real Dubai

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has expanded far outside the scope of Hollywood. As Kim told Kara Swisher at Re/Code's recent Code/Mobile conference, new versions of the game follow her around the world in real time. They also places she's been before, like Dubai. But the Dubai of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood doesn't quite… »11/05/14 5:30pm11/05/14 5:30pm

Ad for UN Women Campaign Duplicates Awful Google Search Suggestions

This ad, created for the United Nations Women campaign (which is unfortunately shortened to the UN Women campaign), becomes more devastating when you realize that the Google search boxes are the results of genuine searches, and although the ad-crafting and Googling were all done by Christopher Hunt at Ogilvy & Mather… »10/20/13 1:00pm10/20/13 1:00pm

Internet Helps Free Norwegian Woman Jailed for Being Raped in Dubai

Marte Deborah Dalelv, a 24-year-old Norwegian woman living and working in Qatar, was on a business trip to Dubai when her male colleague pushed her into his hotel room and raped her. She reported the incident to authorities, she was sentenced to 16 months in prison for having sex outside of marriage — a sentence that… »7/22/13 3:30pm7/22/13 3:30pm

Dubai Women Are Wearing Bumpits Under Hijabs: 'Camel Humps'

Women in Dubai are taking a cue from Jersey Shore (where else to take your cues from?) and placing Bumpits under their hijabs. The look is called "Camel Humps." Initially it came into vogue as a technique to hold the scarves in place, but it's now become a sort of status symbol/female rebellion. The video also… »5/04/13 1:30pm5/04/13 1:30pm

Wannabe Rapist Threatens U.S. Navy Sailor, Gets His Ass Handed to Him

A feel-good attempted rape story (TGIF): A 21-year-old bus driver tried to kiss a woman in Dubai; when she refused, he pulled out a knife and threatened to rape her, because buses around the world seem to come with a special rape-seating only area these days. The woman, a 28-year-old off-duty United States Navy… »4/26/13 6:10pm4/26/13 6:10pm

Two Westerners Are Sentenced to Three Months in a Dubai Jail After Allegedly Sexing Up the Back of a Taxi

If you've seen Sex and the City 2, first off, my condolences — that movie is awful except for the "Lawrence of my labia" joke, though it does teach us all a very important lesson about Dubai, which is that, if you have to have a drunken sexual escapade with an especially attractive European businessman on the beach,… »11/23/12 1:30pm11/23/12 1:30pm

Fountains Sync to I Will Always Love You in Moving Whitney Houston Tribute

The past couple days have seen their fair share of Whitney Houston tributes in the wake of the singer's tragic passing. However, few of the tributes have been as stirring as the one at the Dubai Fountain in the United Arab Emirates where they created a beautiful light and watershow in sync with Whitney Houston… »2/13/12 10:30am2/13/12 10:30am

In Insane New Ad, Gym Likens Itself to Auschwitz Because It's 'A Calorie Concentration Camp'

Just when you thought every single person in the world had learned the lesson that it is never, never, never a good idea to make light of the holocaust, this comes along: A gym called the Circuit Factory in Dubai put out an ad several days ago that features a picture of the Auschwitz concentration camp with the… »1/08/12 5:10pm1/08/12 5:10pm