Watch Drunk History Take on Harriet Tubman--Starring Octavia Spencer 

Not only did this week’s Drunk History feature the story of Harriet Tubman’s wartime spying and daring Combahee River raid, but they also got Crissle West to tell it—“Harriet Tubman is coming with her army full of bad bitches”—and cast Oscar winner Octavia Spencer as Tubman herself. »9/24/15 12:45pm9/24/15 12:45pm


Drunk History's Dolly Parton Segment Is as Epic as You'd Imagine

On the list of people universally adored, Dolly Parton likely ranks in the top 10. Everyone loves Dolly and there's no wondering as to why — she's talented, down-to-earth, sweet as sugar and progressive. All of these ingredients add up to an extremely well-liked person and they're also why Parton makes such a perfect… »8/21/13 12:40pm8/21/13 12:40pm

Guy's Drunk Wife Tells Him a Lame Joke; He Animates the Result

Remember the other day when you were saying how much you loved the sketch series "Drunk History" but that you wished how instead of history it was a corny joke about tortilla chips that Morgan Patch told her husband Adam while sauced off her ass on a bottle of wine, which he then turned into an animated short? »5/03/13 10:49am5/03/13 10:49am