Britain Shamed By Proliferation Of Drunken Ladies

"Captured on our streets by a foreign lens," ran The Daily Mail headline, "shaming images that turned Britain into a laughing stock." The captions warned, "Tequila-fuelled young women strike crude poses that will (or should) mortify them in the sober light of day. More worryingly, one or two are unconscious on the… » 9/23/11 7:20pm 9/23/11 7:20pm

Bathroom Ads Warn Against The Dangers Of Drunk Sluts

Thedrunk girl leaning up against the wall in the men's room with her legs open? She isn't a real girl, but a large sticker. It's an "ambient ad" (advertising that occurs in a non-standard medium) to warn against the dangers of drinking too much. The ambient ad was created for an anti-drunk driving organization called … » 12/07/07 4:40pm 12/07/07 4:40pm