At Long Last, Here's Video of Justin Bieber Peeing in a Cup

Biebsters, the wait is over, the day of your deliverance is nigh. The Miami Police Department has just released video of Justin Biebmus Christ Himself pissing into a cup after his drunk driving arrest earlier this year. Fortunately (or unfortunately, weirdos), they blurred out his Bienis. But you still get the point. » 3/06/14 2:15pm 3/06/14 2:15pm

Reese Witherspoon's Husband Gets DUI; She Asks Cop: Do You Know My…

Reese Witherspoon and her husband Jim Toth (co-head of motion picture talent at CAA) were pulled over in a Ford Focus (!?) on Friday at midnight in Atlanta. Toth was weaving between lanes; turns out he was drunk driving. Witherspoon was annoyed, and then angry, and finally started throwing her name around. The… » 4/21/13 7:30pm 4/21/13 7:30pm

San Francisco Archbishop-To-Be and Noted Bigot Salvatore Cordileone…

The Rev. Salvatore Cordileone, a vigorous opponent of same-sex marriage in California and the Roman Catholic archbishop-elect of the San Francisco area, was pulled over and arrested Saturday on suspicion of driving under the influence at a DUI checkpoint near San Diego State University, in a neighborhood of bars and… » 8/28/12 9:40am 8/28/12 9:40am

Horrible Parents Drive With Their Four Kids Strapped to the Car

If you thought Mitt Romney's infamous tale of strapping his dog to the car roof and taking it for a terrifying, high speed cruise down the highway, then wait until you hear what a terrible mother and father from Indiana did. On Monday, the couple was seen strapping their four children to the roof hood of their car… » 5/08/12 11:55pm 5/08/12 11:55pm

Note To Parents: Your 9-Year-Old Can't Be The Designated Driver

Last spring, serving children alcoholic beverages at chain restaurants was all the rage in child endangerment, but it seems we may have a horrible new trend on our hands. For the second time in a month, a father has been arrested for putting his 9-year-old child in the driver's seat when he was too drunk to drive. … » 10/26/11 9:30am 10/26/11 9:30am