Jeb Bush Releases Ad About the Less-Hypocritical Part of How He Handled Daughter's Drug Addiction

Jeb Bush’s problem is basically this: everyone knows who he is, and nobody likes him. In an effort to combat that rather ego-killing dilemma, he’s showing a more personal side, releasing an ad about his daughter Noelle’s issues with drug addiction. Bush began supporting more lenient sentences for drug users after…

Police Took El Chapo to a 'Sex Motel' After He Was Caught

The news of the drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s arrest is full of peculiarities: from his Hollywood-like escape from prison to his brush with actual Hollywood garbage man Sean Penn. Now, new details have emerged about where he went after he was apprehended: a “sex motel” near Mexico’s Barobampo mountains.

Tennessee's 'Fetal Assault' Law Isn't Keeping Pregnant Women from Using Drugs 

A little under two years ago, Tennessee passed Senate Bill 1391, making it a crime to have taken narcotic drugs while pregnant, if the infant is born addicted to narcotics or “harmed by” them. While 28 women have been charged under the law, and one sentenced to jail time, there’s no evidence it’s worked to reduce the…


Rand Paul Calls Out Jeb Bush, Former Rich-Kid Weed Smoker, for Marijuana Hypocrisy

On Thursday, Rand Paul discussed his stance on weed, also known as the one position on which he isn’t totally bananas. In a talk, Paul called out Jeb Bush for flagrant rich-kid hypocrisy: namely, the former Florida governor’s admission that he had smoked marijuana while a student at Phillips Academy is exactly why…