Female Drug Cartels Prove Women Can Be Just as Good at Mass Murder as…

Hooray! Girl power! A new generation of female leaders of Mexican drug cartels are proving that women are just as capable of being bloodthirsty sociopaths with no regard for human life or decency as their male counterparts! You've come a long way, baby. » 5/29/12 1:10pm 5/29/12 1:10pm

Narcotrafficking Beauty Queens

In the last three years, the number of women arrested in Mexico on drug trafficking-related charges has jumped 400%. At least six of them are beauty queens or models. » 1/21/11 4:40pm 1/21/11 4:40pm

Orobator Sentenced To Life In Prison

Pregnant alleged drug trafficker Samantha Orobator has been sentenced to life in prison by a Laotian court, but a transfer agreement means she may be able to serve her sentence in her home country of Britain. [Reuters] » 6/03/09 10:20am 6/03/09 10:20am

High Times

The United Nations has released a report blaming celebrities for sending the wrong message to young people when it comes to cocaine. Yeah. The UN. The report says authorities treat stars "leniently" and fail to make an example of them. In Europe, Britain is one of the countries with the highest level of cocaine use,… » 3/05/08 10:40am 3/05/08 10:40am