'No Woman, No Drive' Is This Year's Best Saudi Driving Protest Song

Saudi Arabia has some of the most repressive laws against women in the entire world, prohibiting them from even sitting behind the wheel of a car. Today, brave women across Saudi Arabia are protesting those laws by simply by driving, and brave comedians are protesting by making absolutely hilarious songs. »10/26/13 11:29am10/26/13 11:29am

Badass Saudi Woman Drives a Car, Ovaries Fail to Explode

Last month, Saudi official Sheikh Saleh al-Lohaidan attempted to justify his country's dumb ban on women driving cars by claiming car driving can result in tErRiBlE ladyproblems like, I don't know, turning your uterus into a basketball and your fallopian tubes into sparklers. Doesn't matter. It was silly, silly stuff… »10/09/13 6:31pm10/09/13 6:31pm

Saudi Cleric Stupidly Says Women Hurt Their Ladyparts When They Drive

Ahead of yet another campaign urging women to defy Saudi Arabia’s dude-only driving rules in a protest drive on October 26, a conservative Saudi cleric has used his thoroughly medieval understanding of human organs to argue that women who drive cars risk damaging their ovaries and giving birth to children with… »9/29/13 2:30pm9/29/13 2:30pm

Saudi Arabian Female Driving Activist Manal al-Sharif Calls John Kerry's Visit Useless

Saudi Arabian former computer security consultant Manal al-Sharif, arguably the most public face of those who oppose the Saudi female driving ban, got behind the wheel of a car in May of 2011 when she realized that nobody was taking action against the ban. al-Sharif's friend filmed that drive with an iPhone, put it… »3/23/13 6:00pm3/23/13 6:00pm

Saudi Cleric Claims Allowing Ladies To Drive Will Lead To End of Virgins

A Saudi Arabian cleric has warned his fellow countrymen against lifting the country's ban on allowing women to drive, asserting that letting ladies take the wheel will lead to a complete extinction of virgins within 10 years. Because everyone knows that ladies will only use their newfound freedom to cars to drive… »12/02/11 4:50pm12/02/11 4:50pm