Dr Pepper Ten Is "Not For Woman"

This spring Dr Pepper is rolling out a test campaign for a new 10-calorie soda called Dr Pepper 10. Ladies, if you have a hankering for flavored sugar water that Dr Pepper and Diet Dr Pepper simply can't satisfy, that's too bad; According to Dr Pepper 10's ad campaign it's "not for women." » 2/20/11 11:45pm 2/20/11 11:45pm

How Coke Lied About Vitaminwater & Felt No Shame

When Coke was confronted for promoting sugary Vitaminwater as a health beverage, their reaction was basically, "What? You morons actually believed that?" (We're paraphrasing.) » 1/11/11 2:00pm 1/11/11 2:00pm

Cocktails Inspired By Objectionable People

We recently received a list of "drool worthy cocktails" conceived in honor of sexy actors — but we decided the world really needs more cocktails named after awful people. Mix it up, after the jump. » 11/16/10 5:56pm 11/16/10 5:56pm