Why Am I Not Wearing This Kaftan Right Now

It’s barely summer in the Western hemisphere and designers have already been showing their Resort 2016 collections, a perennial happening indicative of fashion’s exhausting churn and demand for new designs to stay afloat. First comes Resort, then there’s Pre-Fall, then there’s Mid-Pre-Fall, then there’s… »6/12/15 5:50pm6/12/15 5:50pm


Every Beautiful Oscars Gown Since Ever in One Interactive Infographic

Last Year, Big Group gave all of us something special right before the Oscars: A beautiful infographic featuring (almost) all of the beautiful gowns worn by Best Actress winners since 1929. This year they've updated it, made it interactive and featured more Meryl, which is basically what all of us wanted anyway, right? »2/19/15 9:30pm2/19/15 9:30pm

Mom Wears Dress to Graduation That Got Daughter Sent Home From School

After a North Carolina high school student was sent home in tears on the last day of her senior year for wearing a floral dress that teachers said was a half-inch too short, her mom decided to stand up against the school's arbitrary dress codes by wearing the same outfit to the graduation ceremony days later. »6/16/14 12:40pm6/16/14 12:40pm