Over Eighty Five Percent of Dreamworks Producers Are Women

At Dreamworks, women are busting balls and chopping off nuts in their race for the top. Kidding, kidding, they're just working really hard and rightfully being acknowledged for their talent and drive. While this doesn't seem like something we should be celebrating, the fact is, it's not super common, and so fuck yeah,… »12/06/12 8:30am12/06/12 8:30am

DreamWorks Animation Now Has a Woman Of Color as its Chairman

Late last week, DreamWorks Animation's Chairman of the Board of Directors, Roger Enrico, resigned. Now it's been announced that Mellody Hobson is the new Chairman of the Board for the company. Forty-three-year-old Hobson is the president of Ariel Investments, a firm based in Chicago that manages over $3 billion in… »10/29/12 2:15pm10/29/12 2:15pm

The Croods Looks Just Like Brave Except With Cavemen and Nicholas Cage

Look, it's Dreamworks' The Croods, a new animated flick that will absolutely be compared to Brave because it's about a female protagonist with frizzy red hair who makes her parents' lives' hell. The animation looks lovely, and I'm excited for another strong lady lead. Plus, The Croods has a secret weapon: Nicholas… »10/05/12 12:15am10/05/12 12:15am