A Chat with Sonia Van Meter, Woman Preparing for a One-Way Trip to Mars

Sonia Van Meter is the managing director of Stanford Caskey, a national Democratic opposition research firm. She's also one of 100 candidates selected by Mars One for Martian colonization in 2025. Many are skeptical of Mars One's prospects; many (like Buzz Aldrin) hope the mission succeeds. Regardless, Mars is the… » 2/24/15 1:30pm 2/24/15 1:30pm

Watching Kids Explain Their Dreams Will Warm the Cockles of Your Heart

"In the night, you can't really do anything and a dream is a good way to fill up a chunk of time," explains Jack, a little boy who was asked to describe dreams for WNYC as a part of the Clock Your Sleep project. The kid's not wrong. » 5/09/14 2:20pm 5/09/14 2:20pm

Women's Nightmares Are About Relationships; Men's Are About Disasters

A new study from the journal Sleep peers into the gendered nature of the unconscious and maybe finds that we've all been incepted by the patriarchy. » 2/03/14 2:00pm 2/03/14 2:00pm

Women Totally Mad IRL for Stuff Their Boyfriends Do in Dreams

Tabloid trendpieces should be taken with an entire shaker of salt. But the headline "Over Half of Women Admit They Have Woken Up In A Bad Mood With Their Partner Because He Annoyed Them... In A DREAM" does not require any additional sodium. It is 100% correct, based on totally unscientific anecdata. » 11/15/13 11:10am 11/15/13 11:10am

Night Cheese, Interrupted: What's the Truth Behind Cheese Dreams?

Preemptive apology: This post contains no answers. We're simply here to speculate on the reasons behind cheese dreams or — as they're more historically known — cheese nightmares. » 11/07/13 3:40pm 11/07/13 3:40pm

The Five Worst Types of Stress Dreams

My air conditioner induces nightmares. I'm serious. If I don't sleep with it on, I wake up in the middle of the night sweating, but if I do sleep with it on, I wake up in the middle of the night convinced I'm being stalked by anti-choicers who secretly implanted a dead baby inside of my womb that I'm forced to carry… » 7/24/13 6:40pm 7/24/13 6:40pm

20% of Your Dreams Star Your Partner. As for the Other 80%…

You might be married to the man of your dreams, but that doesn't mean you'll dream about him every night. According to The Body Odd, » 2/01/13 2:20pm 2/01/13 2:20pm

29-Year-Old Former Assistant Sells Million Dollar Script About Internet…

Emma Stone is reportedly in talks to star in a movie based on a screenplay about cyber datestalking written by a woman who, until last week, was Adam McKay's personal assistant. The script's called He's Fuckin' Perfect, and the writer is currently accepting applications for people interested in officially living… » 11/03/11 5:45pm 11/03/11 5:45pm

Adorable Girl Freaks Out When Her Disney Dream Comes True

Have you ever wanted to watch a child's mind explode because she's experiencing so much joy that she simply can't handle it? Well, you're in luck! Meet Lily, whose sixth birthday is coming up. Her mother decides to give her an early present in the form of a backpack loaded with goodies, which she opens with adorably… » 10/06/11 9:30pm 10/06/11 9:30pm

Dreaming About Julian Assange? Shrinks Say You're Not Alone

The other night, I dreamed of Julian Assange. He was hiding out in my house and eating everything, but wouldn't let me buy more groceries. When I found out my friends were having similar dreams, I contacted an expert. » 12/17/10 2:16pm 12/17/10 2:16pm

My Nightmares, Myself — And A Possible Cure

All my life, I've suffered from nightmares. Dinosaurs, murderers, evil versions of my own family — all have stalked my sleep over the years. Now there may be a cure. » 7/27/10 12:35pm 7/27/10 12:35pm

Dream Discussion Groups: Bring Your Own Subconscious

Neil Gaiman once pointed out that "dream logic isn't story logic," and that if you attempt to describe one of your dreams to someone, you should prepare to "watch their eyes glaze over." Not so, says the New York Times: » 7/10/10 12:30pm 7/10/10 12:30pm

"I Dreamed I Was A Lady Editor In My Maidenform..."

And like so many dreams of prior generations, for bloggers of today, working in one's underwear is no mere dream, but a reality. Okay, maybe not the girdle part. But we could! [Vintage_Ads] » 5/21/10 7:20pm 5/21/10 7:20pm

The Acceptance Stage: I Will Never Be A "Lucky Girl"

There comes a point in life when you have to put aside some of your dreams. And I hereby officially relinquish my secret, long-held dream of being the "Lucky Girl." » 3/29/10 6:00pm 3/29/10 6:00pm

When Pop Culture Invades Your Dreams

Sometimes, your dreams have a way of reminding you that it might be time to stop watching reruns at 2am before bed and consider alternate means of entertainment. Especially when your dream involves Bret Michaels. » 3/29/09 5:30pm 3/29/09 5:30pm