Adam Carolla says rich people are "better than poor people"

In a recent interview with right wing website, The Daily Caller, Adam Carolla was quoted as saying that rich people are "better than poor people. They just are." After spending years alongside the incisive wit of Dr. Drew, we'd expect no less from Mr. Carolla. He added to his complex analysis of the causes of poverty … » 6/01/14 9:59pm 6/01/14 9:59pm

A Comic Retelling Of Kate & William's "Very Public Love Affair"

This weekend, images from Kate and William: A Very Public Love Affair, the definitive graphic novel on the royal wedding, were released online. These are definitely the most accurate drawings of the couple, mainly because they don't look like they're suffering from second degree burns or numerous bee stings. However,… » 2/14/11 1:00am 2/14/11 1:00am