Drake's Views (From the 6) Is Out, Let's Chat About It

After a somewhat harrowing promise that Views would debut on Beats 1 Radio at 10 PM, a delay, and its actual appearance on Apple Music an hour later while OVO Radio was playing Rae Sremmurd’s “Look Alive,” we have so much to talk about. While it’s not exactly the frenzy that Lemonade conjured—it’s 20 songs long, my…


Watch Rihanna Wind On Drake & Perform 'Work' Live at the Brit Awards

The Brit Awards, which are approximately three thousand times more interesting to watch than the Grammys even despite the fact that they are as white as the Oscars, hosted Rihanna’s first live performance of her new material—“Consideration,” with SZA, and “Work”—and she brought out surprise guest Drake for the…

Rihanna Actually Dropped Her New Song 'Work,' Featuring Drake. Anti Is Real! 

Anti is not our adult Santa, as we’ve come to fear; Anti may, in fact, be real, and at the very least “Work,” featuring Drake, is incredibly real, insofar that downloading something off Tidal for $1.29 after three attempts to pay is “real.” Never mind that, though: here’s a new freakin’ Rihanna song!


Woman Artists Remix 'Hotline Bling,' Tell Drake to Sit The Fuck Down 

Recently, as if acting of their own volition or by the direction of some cruel puppeteer, my hands navigated to iTunes and purchased Drake’s single “Hotline Bling.” At first I bemoaned this purchase, which I was certain would result in nothing more than the foolhardy loss of $1.29 and some extra data languishing on my…