Rihanna Actually Dropped Her New Song 'Work,' Featuring Drake. Anti Is Real! 

Anti is not our adult Santa, as we’ve come to fear; Anti may, in fact, be real, and at the very least “Work,” featuring Drake, is incredibly real, insofar that downloading something off Tidal for $1.29 after three attempts to pay is “real.” Never mind that, though: here’s a new freakin’ Rihanna song!


If You Ever Once Loved Emo, This Mixtape Will Make You Black Out With Joy 

For every former emo teen, there is an individual emo revival. A long drive, a 1975 track, a screenshot of literally any scene from the OC: it can come out of nowhere, and there’s no predicting what will plunge you back into the days when you loved journals and fingerblasting and nobody ever washed their jeans.

Year of the Fanboy Profile: Writers Fawning Over Subjects Because They Don't Have a Choice

Five years ago, I was an editor at Vibe, and I got an assignment to interview Usher. It was my second time profiling him for a cover story, but this setting would be more intimate than the previous one—instead of meeting in a hotel conference room, we’d talk at an outdoor bar at the Sunset Marquis in Hollywood, just…

Complex Editor Lauren Nostro's Ex-Boyfriend Ernest Baker Charged With Assault, Harassment

In May 2015, Ernest Baker, Drake-approved writer and self-appointed internet tastemaker, allegedly assaulted and harassed his ex-girlfriend, Complex Music managing editor Lauren Nostro. The news gained public attention Wednesday night after the pair’s mutual friend, the writer Meaghan Garvey, vaguely tweeted about…

Woman Artists Remix 'Hotline Bling,' Tell Drake to Sit The Fuck Down 

Recently, as if acting of their own volition or by the direction of some cruel puppeteer, my hands navigated to iTunes and purchased Drake’s single “Hotline Bling.” At first I bemoaned this purchase, which I was certain would result in nothing more than the foolhardy loss of $1.29 and some extra data languishing on my…


Drake Is Not Only Ripping Off D.R.A.M. on 'Hotline Bling' But Gaslighting Him About It 

With Drake’s goofy new video for “Hotline Bling” currently being blanketed with praise—Drake dances like... me, LOL, cry the masses, incorrectly—it is slipping by the wayside in our cultural parlance that the track is a blatant lift of the indie Virginia rapper D.R.A.M.’s breakout single from 2014, “Cha Cha.” Aiding…