Is Sam Hunt Truly the Drake of Country Music?

Sam Hunt, the former college football player turned country hit-maker responsible for love-lorn, hip-hop infused tracks, has been compared to Drake before, in a way that perhaps reveals the mainstream music press’s biases a little too clearly. (They’ve been particularly linked after Hunt covered “Marvin’s Room” in… » 6/12/15 2:30pm 6/12/15 2:30pm

Drake is Just Being Drake in New Leaked Song With Beyoncé

“All we ever talk about it me,” Drake mewls on “Can I,” a leaked song with Bey on the hook that hit the internet last night in full Drake confessional glory. Another track in which emo Drake lets it rip that he’s kind of an asshole but right now he’s ready to put that aside for you, baby. » 5/21/15 9:31am 5/21/15 9:31am

What Frivolous Luxury Would You Buy If You Were Rich?

There is nothing more that I want in this life than the immersive shower tomb that is officially known as the Experience Shower, but what I have colloquially termed the rave shower. I would forgo all the designer clothing, all the expensive jewelry, all the cabs-everywhere-lifestyle that I assume wealthy people enjoy… » 5/14/15 9:30pm 5/14/15 9:30pm