Creationist Explains Why Dragons Were Totally Definitely Real

A thorny conundrum has been stuck in the craw of Biblical scholar 5th-level elf mage Darek Isaacs for quite some time now: If dragons are mythical creatures, and the Bible is the literal truth written by God's own big white hand, then why are dragons mentioned in the Bible!?!?!!? It would mean that GOD LIED. IT MAKES… »8/15/13 5:20pm8/15/13 5:20pm

Watch the Weirdest GoT Mashup Yet: How Khaleesi Got Her Dragons Back

Khaleesi and dragons go together like a horse and carriage — or like a horse and foal. Anywayz, she's a badass warrior princess who needs her army of adorably terrifying flying monsters, and she's about to get back on her feet and make that shit happen. Or something; this is hard to explain — just watch if you love… »3/29/13 10:50am3/29/13 10:50am

New Game of Thrones Trailer! New Game of Thrones Trailer!

I'm so excited about this I might accidentally-on-purpose eat my computer. Then maybe I'd die and maybe in heaven HBO is two weeks ahead!!! Except I don't believe in heaven, so I guess I'd just be dead and then I'd NEVER GET TO SEE STRONG BELWAS EAT ALL THE LOCUSTS. So, I guess I'll just wait a couple of weeks. W-evs. »3/18/13 6:20pm3/18/13 6:20pm