Israel Looks for Solutions to Its Ultra-Orthodox Men Problem

Israel's army is a subject of fascination to many Americans, primarily because they draft not only male civilians, but women as well. There's a group of Israelis though who, until recently, were actually exempt from conscription: ultra-Orthodox men and women. And it's their lack of inclusion in the draft, similar to… »6/07/13 4:10pm6/07/13 4:10pm

One Of John McCain's Birds Of Prey Falls Prey To Hopeless Dreams

John McCain would like people to stop talking about how his campaign is staffed with loads of lobbyists, so he's back to bashing lobbyists, calling them predatory (does that make lawmakers rodents?) and promising that no one will ever works for him will ever lobby again! Probably. Right after his staffers get around… »8/21/08 10:00am8/21/08 10:00am