Sarah Palin Attacks Obama Using Awful Version of Green Eggs and Ham

Real life vaudevillian villain (without the mustache) Sarah Palin enthralled the audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference this weekend with a rendition/perversion of well-known liberal Democrat Dr. Suess' beloved book, Green Eggs and Ham. Because I guess whenever Palin hits the stage, all logic goes… »3/09/14 2:00pm3/09/14 2:00pm

Yertle the Turtle Deemed 'Too Political' for Fragile Canadian Schoolchildren

A British Columbia elementary school teacher was scolded after she included a quote from Dr. Seuss's Yertle the Turtle in materials she brought to a meeting with school management. The story, school officials warned, was "too political" and would not be acceptable in the classroom, in the interests of "shielding the… »4/26/12 4:30pm4/26/12 4:30pm